What is Landing Page Optimization?

Chapter 5

How To Write Optimized Copy

post-click landing pages when created effectively are powerful conversion tools, they persuade wandering un-decided visitors to focus on one thing, and convert.

post-click landing pages can be used to boost your blog subscribers, launch a new product or offer a free trial.

Copy is the page element the visitor reads after the headline, which means that your body copy should deliver what your headline promised. To ensure that you stay on track and write copy that piques visitor’s’ interest, you need to make the copy about them.

Explain how the offer is going to help make their lives better, solve their problems and put an end to their pain. Don’t tell them what your product does, explain to them what it can do for them.

With every word of copy you write, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and think, ‘what’s in it for me?’. If you write something that doesn’t straightforwardly answer that question, you can swap that out for something that does.

post-click landing page Copy Should Focus on Benefits

When Apple advertised the iPod they didn’t talk about the fact that people should buy the gadget that had 5 GB worth of storage, what they said instead was enjoy ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’.

While the former statement is true, it focuses on the feature of the product, while the latter talks about the benefit the user will derive when they purchase an iPod. Nobody really cares what your product/service can do, what they do care about is what it can do for them.

So tell them that with your post-click landing page copy.

Copy that focuses on features rather than benefits, assumes that visitors have a certain level of knowledge about your product, which compels you to use jargon in the copy, and well jargon never does your post-click landing page any favors.

Discussing benefits your product features provide visitors with puts them at ease because it lays out for them the expectations they should have with your product.

The Logi Analytics post-click landing page copy talks about how the features of the product/service helps visitors solve their analytics problems:

Landing Copy Should Be Readable

Readability refers to how easy words, phrases and blocks can be read. It describes how a typeface (font type) is used on a given page. Copy becomes readable with the help of good typography, as it encourages the visitor to read by reducing the effort it takes them to read something.

It wouldn’t really matter how expertly you’ve crafted post-click landing page copy if visitors are having problems reading it. Ensure that all the copy is readable, you can do that by adding in white space and arranging the copy in bullet points.

To enhance post-click landing page copy readability, use the following methodologies:

    1. Layout: Use ample white space between text. You can also break up blocks of text with the help of images and bullet points.
    2. Alignment: Left justified text works best for long blocks of text. Text can also be left aligned, right aligned and centered.
    3. New paragraphs: Writing short paragraphs gives copy room to breathe, and visitors find it better to read short paragraphs instead of large chunks of copy.
    4. Measure: This refers to the length of the line of copy. When the copy length is too long it can make your visitors’ eyes weary. It’s necessary that your post-click landing page copy measure shouldn’t be too lengthy.
    5. Leading: This is the vertical space between lines of copy. Common practice dictates that leading should be at least 50% larger than the font size you choose.
    6. Kerning: Kerning is the space between characters, for your copy to be readable it should have enough kerning.
    7. Case: post-click landing page copy can be in lower case, upper case or mixed case. Upper case copy is more difficult to read if the copy is too long. Lower case (with capitalization for grammar purposes) is the easiest to read.
    8. Contrast: This refers to the color of the copy against the page background. The more contrast between the copy and the background the easier it is to read it.

The GoToWebinar page has readable copy, arranged in bullet points:

How Long Should your post-click landing page Copy be?

One of the common questions that pops up when creating post-click landing pages is the length of the post-click landing page copy. Should you play it safe and use a short-form page or should you write down everything there is know about your service on the page?

Joanna Wiebe from CopyHackers explains how lengthy your page should be with the help of a graphic:

The length of the post-click landing page copy also depends on the type of page you’re creating. Sales pages usually have more copy on them as their intent is to go into intricate details about the product/offer.

Look at Conversion XL Institute’s sales page as an example:

Squeeze pages on the other hand are generally short-form and don’t have too much copy on them.

See case in point CopyHackers squeeze page:

Think about what your target customers want when you sit down to write your post-click landing page copy – make sure the copy you write explains to them why your offer is the best for them.

Always make it about the visitor, use personal pronouns such as ‘You’ and ‘Your’ and stay far away from the ‘We’ word. post-click landing pages are about the visitor, your post-click landing page copy should be centered around them.

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