What is A/B Testing?

Chapter 6

What Tools Do I Need to Get Started?

Before you get started A/B testing, ensure efficiency by investing in professional software. With Instapage, you can create post-click landing pages to A/B test in minutes. Then, with the help of the industry’s most advanced analytics dashboard and start A/B testing today, you can track metrics more accurately than ever before.

Choose from countless professional templates, click to edit any page element, and customize fully to your branding specifications:

With one click, create a variation to test. Then, manage each with a simple drop-down menu with four options: Duplicate, Pause, Transfer, Delete:

    1. Duplicate: copy a specific variation when creating a new test
    2. Pause: temporarily prevent page visitors from seeing this variation (all stats are saved)
    3. Transfer: transfer the variation to another post-click landing page
    4. Delete: remove a variation completely (all optimization stats will be deleted)

Once you begin your test, use the industry’s most advanced analytics dashboard to track key performance metrics, like:

    Unique visitors: the number of unique visitors that have viewed a particular post-click landing page variation.
    Unique conversions: the number of visitors who have filled out a form or clicked a CTA button on a variation.
    Conversion Rate: the percentage of visitors that turned into a conversion on a particular page variation.
    Improvement: the difference between the conversion rate tested against the control version and variation A.

View your results on easy-to-read graphs that compare conversion rate over time and unique visitors, and even adjust display rate percentages and baselines straight from the dashboard.

Create a professional post-click landing page and get started get started A/B testing like the pros today.

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