What is a Squeeze Page?

Chapter 1

What are Squeeze Pages?

A squeeze page is designed to squeeze a visitor’s email address from them by offering something valuable in return. You encourage visitors to opt-in to an email or subscriber list to collect more information about the product or service featured on the main squeeze page. (Note: Squeeze pages are not always pop-ups. Businesses can design squeeze pages a few ways. More information on this will be discussed later in the guide.)

A successful squeeze page doesn’t just ask for your visitor’s email address. Squeeze pages also provide a good reason visitors should provide their personal information in exchange for whatever valuable offer you have available. The offer should be irresistible to justify the need to ask for your visitor’s email address.

Syed Balkhi of OptinMonster starts a conversation with his blog visitors by offering them a toolkit for growing their online business in exchange for their email address:

Your squeeze page’s offer must also be exclusive. If you’re offering something that is available somewhere else (e.g. a video that’s also available for free on YouTube) not only will your visitors be irritated, but your credibility will never be the same.

Why are squeeze pages important?

Squeeze pages are important because they allow you to capture your visitor’s email address so you can eventually sell them on something later. When you’re able to capture their email address, you have the opportunity to push them further down your sales funnel and build a lasting relationship with them.

And this is where “good” marketing turns to “great” marketing — with lasting customer relationships.

What can you offer on your squeeze page? Some digital assets you can feature:

  • Ebook
  • Whitepaper
  • Newsletter
  • Video or webinar
  • Free report
  • Podcast
  • Slide deck

Before you create your squeeze page, you must determine what digital asset is going to be the most valuable to your visitors. If your potential customers are beginners, they may find more value in an in-depth email course or an ebook rather than just a single infographic.

On the other hand, if your customers are busy and always on the go, they may find a podcast or an infographic more valuable because they can consume it quicker. There is no “right” or “wrong” offer to use, but be mindful of your visitors and what asset will be most enticing for them to submit their email address.

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