What is a Splash Page?

Chapter 4

How Do I Create a Splash Page?

When creating a splash page you essentially have two options:

  1. Hire a third-party designer and developer to create a splash page template — and then host the page on your website
  2. Use Instapage to design your splash page quickly using our professional templates

With the first option, you will most likely spend too much money and experience a lot of waiting time for the designer to create the page and coordinate with your IT department in hosting the page.

If you choose Instapage, simply browse our templates and select the design that best applies to your brand. You can also edit the templates quickly and easily in the Instapage fully-customizable builder. Finally, when you’re satisfied with the design, click “publish” and you’ll have a beautifully-designed splash page online to start generating traffic and leads.

Short-form post-click landing page templates will function best as splash pages:

Splash pages are making a comeback in online marketing. Why? Because they help marketers inform their visitors of valuable messages applicable to them. What’s best about splash pages is they don’t require much work from the visitor — something visitors greatly appreciate.

Create and optimize your splash pages today and see just how much your visitors welcome them.

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