What is a Sales Page?

Chapter 4

What Industries Should Use Sales Pages?

You can create a long-form sales page no matter what industry you specialize in, just make sure the offer you’re promoting is worth creating a long-form page.

So, if your product:

  • Is expensive
  • Requires a longer commitment
  • Requires more than a few paragraphs of copy to explain your product’s value

Then it’s wise for you to create a sales page rather than a short-form post-click landing page because the sales page’s length is what convinces your visitors to buy what you’re offering.

Joanna Wiebe from CopyHackers has the graphic below explaining how much copy your page needs depending on the awareness level of your product:

Are you selling a coaching program? Designing a long-form sales page may be your best choice because the sales page gives you the freedom to explain your product properly.

This is what Girls Gone Strong coaching program does with their sales page:

The page has a video, copy that explains the coaching program effectively, video testimonials, an FAQ section, an About Us section, photographs of women that appeal to the target audience, and multiple CTA buttons placed strategically on the page.

You can even promote your ebook with a sales page. Take a look at the Renegade Diet Book sales page here:

You can even promote your SaaS product with the help of a long-form sales page like AppSumo does with their long-form sales page.

It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you do business; a long-form sales page will work for your offer if it meets the prerequisites mentioned above.

How Do I Generate Traffic to My Sales Page?

Knowing what goes into a successful sales page is only half the conversion battle. For your sales pages to succeed, you need to know how to promote them.

For a sales page to convert, you have to be able to generate traffic to the page. When it comes to promoting your sales pages, you have two main options:

  1. Paid promotion techniques (Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo Ads, and Social Media promotions)
  2. Unpaid promotion tactics (discussion forums, email marketing, social media shares, etc.)

Learn more about promoting your sales pages using both paid and unpaid promotion techniques in this post-click landing page guide.

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