What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

Chapter 7

Mobile App Landing Pages on Apple (iOS) devices

In chapter 6 we showcased a few mobile app post-click landing pages on Android devices, now let’s look at a few displayed on Apple iOS devices:

Swifty teaches you how to code. This is how the same page looks on iPhone 6s:

On iPhone 6s Plus:

And, on iPhone 6 Plus:

Similar to the examples in the previous chapter, let’s see how optimized mobile app post-click landing pages display on Apple tablet devices.


On Apple’s iPad Air 2, this is how Swifty’s page displays in portrait mode:

What’s interesting to point out in this tablet example is that the navigation links are listed in the page header. This is not ideal for post-click landing pages because they serve as exit links, which can distract a visitor’s attention away from converting on the page.

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