What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

Chapter 7

Mobile App Landing Pages on Apple (iOS) devices

In chapter 6 we showcased a few mobile app landing pages on Android devices, now let’s look at a few displayed on Apple iOS devices:

Swifty teaches you how to code. This is how the same page looks on iPhone 6s:

On iPhone 6s Plus:

And, on iPhone 6 Plus:

Similar to the examples in the previous chapter, let’s see how optimized mobile app landing pages display on Apple tablet devices.


On Apple’s iPad Air 2, this is how Swifty’s page displays in portrait mode:

What’s interesting to point out in this tablet example is that the navigation links are listed in the page header. This is not ideal for landing pages because they serve as exit links, which can distract a visitor’s attention away from converting on the page.

Swift’s mobile app landing page is mobile responsive, and it’s clearly readable across the Apple devices listed above, which isn’t true for the Tasty Club page.

Notice how the receipt’s font is not legible on the iPhone 6s Plus:

Clearly, this isn’t a mobile responsive page because that same font isn’t any more readable on iPhone 6 Plus:

And on iPad Air 2 the font isn’t any better considering the screen size is significantly larger than any iPhone:

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