How to Create a Landing Page

Chapter 3

What Should I Include on My Landing Page?

To create an optimized post-click landing page you should strike the right balance between the following core elements:

1. Headline: Your headline should grab your visitor’s attention the second they land on your page and compel them enough to stay on the page. The headline must be clear, understandable, and include your UVP (unique value proposition). Accomplishing these three things will help convince your visitors why they need to do business with you, and not your competitors.

MindShift includes their UVP in the headline, “Total IT Management & Award Winning Customer Support” persuading visitors to convert on their form:

2. Copy: Your post-click landing page copy should explain your offer in just enough detail for visitors to convert. It should be written with benefits in mind — not features — and written in a way that visitors feel that you’re talking to them and not at them. Include the word “you” as much as you can, showing visitors that they’re the primary focus of your page.

Zoho’s post-click landing page is a great example. Not only does the page address the visitors with multiple uses of the word “you,” but it also explains how the service benefits users:

3. Call-to-action button: Your CTA is the gateway to your conversion goal. It’s the last place your visitors act before you get a conversion. Therefore, ensure your call-to-action copy is clear and the button is designed in a contrasting color. Also, the more personalized your button copy, the better it is for your post-click landing page conversions.

Hootsuite has a bright green, optimized call-to-action button on their post-click landing page:

4. Images: post-click landing page images have a greater purpose than simply being nice pictures on the screen. Your images need to be relevant to your offer and help explain what your product or service does for users.

The Help Scout post-click landing page uses images of their dashboard to show visitors how the service can be useful:

5. Lead capture form: The lead capture form is where you collect visitor information such as name, email, phone number, job title, etc. A form shouldn’t intimidate your visitors and discourage them from converting. Rather, it should be easy to complete and only ask for information that is necessary to your offer at that particular stage in your sales funnel. This combination makes your form optimized.

Autopilot’s free trial click-through post-click landing page has an optimized lead capture form:

In addition to these five core elements, your post-click landing pages should also include customer testimonials, trust indicators, and video.

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