How to Create a Landing Page

Chapter 1

Why Should You Create a Landing Page?

A landing page is any web page not connected to your main website’s navigation. It’s the targeted page where your visitors land after they click an ad — this could be a PPC ad, a display ad or other types of online ads.

This is a PPC ad for Sendible, a social media scheduling service:

This is the landing page connected with this ad:

This is a display ad for Kapost’s free demo:

Here is the landing page visitors arrive at after clicking the ad:

The purpose of creating a landing page is to encourage visitors to perform a specific conversion goal. The conversion goal varies depending on the campaign you’re running. Typical landing page conversion goals include:

  1. Free product demo
  2. Sign up for email newsletter
  3. Download an ebook or white paper
  4. Watch a webinar
  5. Request a quote
  6. Get a free consultation
  7. Sign up for your service

Creating a landing page is integral to the success of your marketing campaigns. Unlike homepages that typically promote every product and feature, a landing page focuses on one offer — eliminating all distractions and increasing your chances of conversion.

To understand the importance of creating landing pages, let’s compare Outbrain’s landing page with its homepage and identify the main differences.

Here is Outbrain’s homepage:

The page includes:

  • A navigation bar at the top
  • Description of the features the service offers to publishers

  • Company badges

  • Statistical proof of the effectiveness of the service

  • Customer testimonials

  • Footer with many links directing you to different pages on the website

By contrast, here is Outbrain’s landing page that’s promoting their content discovery feature:

The page has:

  • A clear headline describing the offer
  • A call-to-action button with a simple form
  • A relevant image that explains the feature
  • A customer testimonial that promotes the feature

  • A pricing plan for visitors to learn more

  • No navigation links

So, what are the main differences between Outbrain’s homepage and landing page? The landing page is much better for conversions because it has:

  • No navigation links
  • Only one conversion goal

When you create a targeted landing page, you focus your visitors’ attention on one conversion goal. Any distractions (extra links and unnecessary page elements) get eliminated, which offers you a better chance of converting them on your landing page.

Dedicated landing pages help you target specific audiences while enabling you to collect valuable data in converting visitors… to customers.

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