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Chapter 9

Lead Capture Forms

One of the principal purposes of a post-click landing page is to collect user data — a lead capture form helps you accomplish this. When your form is designed properly, you make it easy for visitors to submit their information and get you more conversions.

Your lead capture form must:

  • Be placed strategically on your post-click landing page. If you position the form before you properly explain your offer, you increase the chances of your visitors abandoning the page due to friction and anxiety.
  • Have properly organized form fields, so it’s easier for visitors to complete.
  • Only include form fields that you absolutely require.

UserReplay has an optimized form with the fields labeled properly, making it easier for visitors convert:

When visitors don’t see a form on the page, they go through the post-click landing page with ease because they aren’t thinking about entering their personal information.

Two-step opt-in forms are a great tool to eliminate anxiety from your forms. With this technique, visitors that click the CTA button are then presented with the form — reducing the intimidation factor and post-click landing page friction. This way, only the most interested visitors see the form and submit their information.

Instapage is known for using two-step opt-ins on many of its post-click landing pages:

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