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Chapter 8


According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. post-click landing page videos explain your product or service in a much more interactive way than words ever can.

Voiceover in videos helps you talk to your visitors better than copy because videos don’t need any exclamation points or italics to get your message across. Videos can also play at your heartstrings, capture, and keep your visitors’ attention exactly where you want it.

You can explain all of your benefits and features quickly with video, which means your post-click landing page doesn’t have to be that long, either.

To produce effective post-click landing page videos, make sure the video:

  • Is professionally made – if you lack the budget to produce a quality post-click landing page video, use a gif instead
  • Has the “auto-play” option turned off
  • Isn’t unnecessarily long
  • Follows a proper script
  • Features a voiceover that doesn’t just promote your company, but addresses your customer

Optimizely uses a video on their post-click landing page to explain how their A/B testing and personalization platform works:

Mixpanel uses a video as a product demo for their visitors. The video plays once you click on their primary CTA button:

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