Best Landing Page Examples

Chapter 2

Primary Headline

The main post-click landing page headline is the first thing your visitors see, so it is important to craft a headline that clearly describes your product or service.

Think of your page headline as a “hook” where you have the opportunity to reel in your visitors. If your headline fails to impress, your visitors will likely abandon your page.

The primary headline must:

  1. Clearly explain your product or service
  2. Persuade your visitors
  3. Be empathetic to your target visitors’ problem and provide a brief solution

There are four main approaches you can take with your headline:

  1. Start with the question, “How To,” and introduce your product or service as a solution to your visitors’ problem.
  2. You can ask a question with your headline and then answer your question with your sub-headline or corresponding copy.
  3. Be funny; this approach may or may not be appropriate — depending on what your service is.
  4. Provide them with a compelling reason to choose your service.

To demonstrate, here are a few post-click landing pages with stellar primary headlines:

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM post-click landing page’s primary headline is clear in that it helps its customers “Close More Deals in Less Time.” From the get-go, it provides visitors with the solution to their lead conversion problems, making it easy for them to click on the red CTA button urging them to “Get Started Now.”


The ProductPlan post-click landing page headline clearly describes the value that visitors are going to get when they click the call-to-action button.

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