Inspiration-worthy landing page designs

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In this Ebook, we’ve compiled the 23 best landing page designs from leading brands over the past 12 months.

Learn what they do well, what we would recommend they test, and how you can create your own attractive and high-converting landing pages.

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In this Ebook you’ll learn:

How to create highly effective, high-converting landing pages from industry leaders

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What landing page design attributes drive conversion

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What elements of your landing pages should be A/B tested

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Meet Instapage: The most powerful landing page platform on the market

The Instapage platform allows you to:

Build and update landing pages in minutes–without a developer

Seamlessly integrate your entire marketing stack to elevate attribution and lead nurturing

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Streamline the review process with real-time collaboration

Convert more leads with customizable forms

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Ensure brand compliance with precision design features

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