Lattice increases advertising conversion rate by 360%

They did this while replacing developers with Instapage and cutting overall costs

360% increase

360% increase

in conversion rates

$325+ in savings

$325+ in savings

per landing page

Reduced production time

Reduced production time

by 75%

Name: Lattice
Employees: 200+
Location: San Francisco, CA

Lattice is a people management platform that helps companies align, engage, and grow their employees. With Lattice, it’s easy to launch 360 reviews, share ongoing feedback and public praise, facilitate 1:1’s, set up goal tracking, and run employee engagement surveys.

Business situation

Lattice’s first marketing hire was in charge of managing many tasks, including building the core website, running ads, and deploying post-click landing pages for those ads. It quickly became apparent that having a developer build and update each post-click landing page was labor-intensive and took too much time. The developers couldn’t keep up with the fast-pace of the advertising campaigns, which hampered marketing’s activities. After deciding to switch to a post-click platform, Lattice discovered that Instapage was the best choice for quickly creating and updating message-matched post-click landing pages for its ads.

Scaling creative velocity without a developer

Nothing hurts the creative process more than having to wait on a developer. For Lattice, it used to take up to two weeks and a lot of back and forth to deploy a campaign. With Instapage, Lattice streamlined the design process and can now launch four creative campaigns in two days. Instapage is the key to helping Lattice scale its advertising operations and drive down acquisition costs.

Personalizing experiences with Dynamic Text

An important part of a successful ad campaign is ensuring a consistent user experience from ad click to its corresponding post-click page. Lattice uses Dynamic Text Replacement to automatically match the messaging in its post-click landing pages to visitors’ keyword search terms. This allows Lattice to do more with less work — rather than deploying 10 different post-click landing pages, Lattice can use just one with a dynamic header.


By using Instapage to build post-click landing pages, Lattice has saved time, reduced the cost of its advertising campaigns, and increased its conversion rates:


Lattice was bogged down with launch delays, resource constraints, and an inability to maintain the speed at which the marketing team operated. Instapage was the solution that Lattice needed to scale its advertising operation and create post-click landing pages for every campaign.

If we have to wait on a developer, our creative velocity plummets. But Instapage has made it possible for us to exponentially grow our advertising programs and convert more customers.

Alex Kracov - Head of Marketing

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