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Marketing Trends

Why People-Based Marketing Is the Next Must-Have Strategy for Lead Generation

Traditionally, marketing involved one of two approaches. The first was to broadcast your message far and wide so that your …

Marketing Agency Tips

Why All-In-One Marketing Software Isn’t Always Your Best Option

In the world of marketing, one of those critical business decisions is what type of marketing software your large …

Conversion Optimization

How to Write Landing Page Copy That Speaks to Your Audience

Since you’re reading this on the internet, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’ve come across a …

Advertising Personalization

How to Incorporate Customer Journey Mapping Into Your Marketing Strategy

A marketer’s primary focus is to predict and influence customer behavior. Every buyer persona you create, every ad …

Advertising Personalization

10 Transactional Email Examples to Help You Sell, Upsell & Boost Engagement

Email marketing is a tricky trade, but the payoffs can be huge. Through the shift from outbound to inbound marketing, email …

Lead Generation

How to Create a Lead Generation Email Course in 5 Steps

One of the best ways to attract and convert new customers for your business is to educate them. No one likes to be sold to, …

Lead Generation

Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Reach Your Prospects Without an Email List

The closest a digital marketer can get to being inside their customers’ heads without a survey or a degree in …

Advertising Personalization

Account-Based Marketing: How to Message Your Highest Quality Leads

You’ve heard the maxim that the quality of your leads is much more important than the quantity. This is especially …

Marketing Agency Tips

How to Use Predictive Analytics in Your Marketing Strategy

According to Webopedia, “Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets to …

Marketing Trends

The Advantages & Perils of Brand Activism

It’s hard to get through your fresh-made, life-affirming cup of joe while reading the morning news without hearing of …