Paramount Digital Boosts Clients’ Conversion Rates using PPC Landing Pages

Paramount Digital Boosts Clients’ Conversion Rates using PPC Landing Pages

Paramount Digital relies on Instapage native integrations and agency-specific features to optimize its clients’ AdWords and paid social campaigns

2X conversion rate for services industry client
More than 3X conversion rate for beauty industry client
38% increase in conversion rate for solar energy client
Name: Paramount Digital
Employees: 17
Location: Liverpool, England

Paramount Digital is a full-service creative marketing agency that specializes in SEO, paid search, content marketing, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Based in the UK, Paramount’s clients span a range of industries including healthcare, beauty, real estate, and the service industry.


Increase clients’ conversion rates

Business Situation

Paramount Digital depended on a web development team to build landing pages for its clients’ AdWords campaigns. Relying on a team that could not always prioritize building landing pages often created roadblocks to providing superior client service. The team also found that their clients’ conversion rates were not as high as they could be. Paramount decided to shift to a landing page solution that could remove design bottlenecks, convert at a higher level, integrate with its existing AdWords programs, and help manage its client communications.

Google Adwords and Analytics Optimize Paid Campaigns

The Paramount Digital team is results-driven, and they closely track their AdWords campaigns to determine when and where there are opportunities for further optimization. The team used the native integrations Instapage has with Google AdWords and Analytics, as well as the Instapage built-in analytics dashboard to monitor all campaign performance in real time. This ensured that any opportunities for optimization did not slip through the cracks, that all leads were high-quality, and most importantly, that their clients were happy.

Taking Ownership with Branded Email Notifications

Paramount Digital also utilized Instapage agency-specific features like branded email notifications. This allowed the team to take ownership of and credit for the high number of leads they earned for their clients. With email notifications in place, their clients could see the direct impact Paramount made on both their AdWords campaigns and their overall ROI.


Paramount Digital boosted its clients’ conversion rates after adding Instapage to its existing AdWords campaigns:


Rather than depend on its web development team, Paramount Digital utilized Instapage to build landing pages for its clients’ AdWords programs. With Instapage, Paramount demonstrated a clear value to its clients by optimizing their AdWords programs and boosting conversion rates across the board.

Instapage has helped us increase the quality of our clients’ paid advertising campaigns. We’ve seen conversion rates more than triple after placing Instapage at the center of the post-click experience.

Sam Rourke - Head of Paid Advertising