WordStream Webinar with Instapage

WordStream Webinar with Instapage

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I know it’s past Christmas now, but Santa has come a little late this year! Don’t worry he brought gifts as all of you must have been good marketers this year!

Let’s rummage through his bag and see what we have here.

Oh, there it is!

The Goods

Instapage’s CEO & Founder Tyson Quick and WordStream’s Founder & CTO Larry Kim just did a webinar for all of you marketers out there on Quality Scores, landing pages and PPC campaigns.

If you didn’t catch the webinar, don’t sweat it. I’m going to be covering everything that Tyson and Larry talked about in their webinar in this blog to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. You can skip ahead to the powerpoint slides at the bottom if you’re short on time.

However, before we go forward, I think some introductions are in order. You already know Instapage and Tyson, so let’s give you the 101 on WordStream.

WordStream basically is a search marketing software that provides managed PPC advertising services. The platform was founded in 2007 and since has evolved from being just a keyword research tool to a destination for paid search marketing expertise.

Moving on with the webinar.

Quality is a term that everyone understands even if they aren’t IT guys or techies. I’m sure like all the other marketers out there you want to have high-quality landing pages; which by proxy means that you want your landing pages to have a high-Quality Score.

The thing with Quality Score though is the fact that most marketers don’t know its importance and thus don’t know how they can get a good Quality Score on their ads and landing pages.

Well, that’s about to change in a few minutes.

What’s On Our Plate?

The webinar’s main agenda was to discuss what Quality Score is and why you as a marketer should care about it.

Larry and Tyson talked about how Google calculates Quality Score, how you can get better Quality Scores, how you can integrate your Landing Pages with your PPC Campaigns, and what a successful Landing Page looks like.

Now that you’re abreast with everything let’s scurry on ahead.

What is Quality Score?

To understand what Quality Score is, answer this question for me, why do you set up ad campaigns?

To gain visibility in front of your potential customers, right?

Well, a Quality Score tells you whether your ad is Google-approved or not i.e. a high-Quality Score helps you climb the Google ladder, leaving your competitors behind. Whereas a bad Quality Score puts you at the bottom, buried under a heap of your competitors’ ad campaigns.

See why Quality Score is so important?

To decide how to determine ad rank Google looks at the following equation:

CPC Bid X Quality Score = Ad Rank

The Quality Score depends on your CTR (click-through rate), relevance of your ad campaign and landing page and your CPC bid (this is the maximum bid you specify for your relevant keywords).

Why Should You Care About The Quality Score?

If you weren’t already set on getting a good Quality Score, here are a few more reasons why you need to care about it.

The score has a direct effect on:

  1. Your ad positioning or rank.
  2. Minimum first page bid and actual CPC (Cost Per Click).
  3. Higher Impressions.
  4. Ability to appear above the organic search results.

Whereas, the score has an indirect effect on:

  1. Conversion rate
  2. Bidding or Reporting strategies

These are all the reasons why you need to focus on improving your Adwords Quality Score.

How to Improve Your Quality Score?

So, your Adwords Quality Score depends on the following two factors.

1. Historical Click through Rate

As far as CTR goes, you need to keep in mind the following things:

The less relevant your ads are, the lower your ad position.

2. Ad Text and Landing Page Relevancy

Just see whether your keywords are doing the following things:

And as far as landing page relevancy goes just consider the following items:

To help make your keywords rank higher, try using specific keywords, grouping together closely related keywords and writing relevant text ads and destination pages.

Just be specific about your keywords.

Now let’s move onto your PPC campaigns and landing pages.

Integrate Your Landing Pages with Your PPC Campaigns

I’ve said this in a number of my posts earlier, but I’ll say it again.

Whatever product your landing page and PPC campaigns are promoting, just keep in mind one thing: as soon as a customer clicks on your PPC Ad they’re only likely to spend about 5 seconds on your page before he decides whether your page is worth his time or not. This is why 5 second tests are so important!

To ensure that your customer sticks around, come up with a headline that strongly matches your ad message so that your customer knows that he made a good decision when he clicked on to your page.

Another important thing to consider is to create a separate and unique landing page for every new ad and every new offer.

And you might think that building a new landing page for every new ad is going to take you a long time but the truth is that with Instapage’s unique landing page features and design-friendly software you’ll be done in no time.

And what’s more is that you’ll always have a successful landing page in front of you.

Don’t know what a successful landing page looks like? Here you go.

Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page

So, a successful Landing Page has the following 9 elements:

  1. Main Head Turning Headline
  2. Supportive Sub Headline
  3. What’s in it for me? The Overall Benefits
  4. Credibility through Trust Symbols
  5. Verbal and Clear Call to Action
  6. Call to Action Form or Button
  7. NO Navigation Links
  8. Kickin’ Image or Video
  9. Always Keep Everything above the Fold

Let’s elaborate on these 9 juicy components, shall we?

Coming Up with a Stick Around Headline

Want your visitors to stick around? Then you need to come up with the right stick around for the headline and for that you can try:

Coming Up with The Right Benefits

For this portion put yourself in your visitors shoes. Ask yourself what their specific needs are and then simply tailor your service’s benefits according to their needs.

Ever heard of WIFM (What’s in it for Me)? Tell your visitors exactly what they want to hear.

How to Increase Credibility for Your Landing Page

The 5 key ways to gaining credibility for your landing page are through:

So, what did we learn today?

We learned all about Quality Scores, how you can increase it, and how integrating your PPC campaigns with your landing pages helps you get better conversions.

If you want to revisit the webinar just go through the entire slide below: