4 PPC Agency Landing Pages To Learn From

4 PPC Agency Landing Page Reviews: What They Did Well, and Not So Well

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As part of a PPC agency, you know the ins and outs of search engine marketing. You understand how to draw customers to your ads, when and which AdWords extensions to use, how to boost quality score, and how to capitalize on search traffic.

But like web design agencies specialize in creating beautifully functional websites, your expertise lies in the pay-per-click arena. You would never hire them to optimize your  PPC ads, and they wouldn’t hire you to create a new homepage for their website.

That means one thing you may not know how to do is create a high-converting PPC landing page. Well, we don’t blame you — it’s not an easy thing to do without the right tools.

In fact, only 27% of marketers who offer digital services related to landing page optimization consider themselves “very successful” at achieving important objectives. That’s concerning when you consider that as many as 77% of businesses outsource their landing page creation.

From this we can extrapolate:

The majority of the landing pages on the web are being created by people who don’t think they’re very successful at doing so.

With costs per click reaching nearly $40 for keywords related to the pay-per-click industry, you can’t afford not to have a great landing page to match your captivating PPC ad.

This picture shows how expensive keywords are on AdWords for PPC agencies.

The only way to compete with the big boys is by creating successful PPC ads that send people to optimized landing pages that convert.

So if you can’t trust the 73% professionals who claim to be experts, but then answer in anonymous surveys that they don’t know what the heck they’re doing, who can you trust?

How about yourself?

Oh, right — you’re a PPC expert. You may have a basic knowledge of landing page creation, but you don’t feel comfortable making your own for your business and your clients.

Fear not, we’ve dissected these PPC agency landing pages to help you pump yours up, without the assistance of an outside “expert.” Take a few pointers from the following three PPC agencies, and avoid some of the mistakes they’ve made to create high-converting pay-per-click landing pages for your clients.

4 Agency landing pages to help guide your next design

Disruptive Advertising

This picture shows Disruptive Advertising's PPC agency landing page and how they can fix some mistakes to increase conversions.

What they did right:

First-person CTA: Writing your call-to-action in the first person has been proven to lift conversion rate. Instead of writing “Get A Free Proposal” or “Get Your Free Proposal” on their CTA button, they’ve used “Get My Free Proposal.”

Customer badges: If you scroll down the page, you’ll see they’ve added badges to show off their high profile customers.

This picture shows how customer badges can increase landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

Badges build the reader’s trust. It essentially says, “These well-known brands trust us to manage their PPC campaigns. If we’re good enough for them, we’re good enough for you, too.”

Testimonials: If you scroll even further down, you’ll notice they’ve added testimonials to their page, with real photos, names, and titles of people in authority positions at well-known companies — like Gary Lundmark, the Director of Digital Marketing at Guitar Center. The more information you include about the people speaking on your behalf, the more convincing the testimonial. A quote from “Gary L.” without a photo or title wouldn’t be nearly as useful here. With Instapage, you can easily add images and copy by clicking, uploading and dragging.

This picture shows how real testimonials can increase landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

Click-to-call: The phone number listed in the upper-right-hand corner of this page is hyperlinked. When it’s clicked on desktop, if you have an app like Skype installed, you can call this agency from your computer. Who it’s most valuable for, however, is mobile users.

By clicking that link while browsing on a mobile phone, you can call the agency directly from your device. It’s one of the components of a mobile optimized page. When you use Instapage, all of your landing pages are already mobile-responsive, so optimizing them is incredibly easy.

What they did wrong:

Too many points of exit: You’ll notice that this page is connected to the site’s main navigation. That’s a big no-no since it gives the prospect too many opportunities to stray from your page. The only way off your landing page should be by clicking that call-to-action, or canceling out of the browser.

Misdirected content: If the goal of this page is to get the prospect to request a proposal, what’s the point of informing them about the team? Instead, it should focus on the proposal, what it includes, and why it should be redeemed. If that proposal is valuable, the prospect will want to hire the agency.

The page the prospect lands on after clicking “Get My Free Proposal Now,” is filled with content that’s more in line with what the landing page should look like:

This picture shows how an optimized PPC agency landing page can increase conversions and sales.

Also, remember that the more steps you make your prospect take to claim your offer, the higher likelihood it is that they will abandon the process before they convert. Your goal should be to make it as quick and painless as possible for your prospects to convert. Instead of directing users to a page where they can “meet the team,” send them to this one and spruce it up a little bit with some testimonials, badges, and some brief results from past case studies.

Or, if you’re the owner of the page and still think the “meet the team” version would work better than the suggestion above, you can A/B test that easily by using Instapage’s software, and compare the success of each one over time.

Blue Ocean PPC

This picture shows how Blue Ocean PPC can increase landing page conversions if they fix some mistakes.

What they did right:

Their free offer: Offering your prospect something valuable (for free) in exchange for their personal information is a terrific way to not only generate leads but prove that you’re capable of handling the work that they need to be done.

Expertise badges: Adding badges to your site is yet another terrific way to create trust in your business. They can signify that an organization accredits you, rated as an authority in your field, and some other things. These badges indicate that this agency is a Google Partner as well as an Accredited Bing Ads Professional.

This picture shows how industry accreditation can increase landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

Aligning yourself with PPC giants like this can help nudge your prospect towards making the decision to work with your agency.

What they did wrong:

The offer is vague: This is a PPC agency, right? Why is there no mention of PPC in the offer? What does analyzing my “marketing” entail? What am I claiming here? What can I hope to get from this analysis?

This very vague offer raises a lot of questions that your prospect doesn’t have time to find the answers. Make sure to display the benefits of claiming your offer prominently on your landing page.

This is their homepage: Let’s get this straight once and for all — your homepage is not a landing page.

A landing page has one particular focus. Clearly, after arriving on their homepage, I can tell that they’re trying to get the prospect to sign up for a free consultation.

Instead of sending me here, where I have the freedom to click on any and every link I see, they should be sending me to a landing page that will guide me toward converting – in this case, claiming that free consultation.

Hawk SEM Digital Marketing Agency

This picture shows how Hawk SEM agency can increase landing page conversions if they fix some mistakes.

What they did right:

Great message matching. Writing an AdWords ad is like making a promise to a searcher. What they see in the ad is what they expect to see on the landing page. Here’s the ad for this page:

This picture shows how Hawk SEM uses message matching in their ad to increase landing page conversions.

Since the search query I entered was “Google AdWords Services,” and in the title of the ad, the word “AdWords” appeared, “Google AdWords” should be displayed prominently on the landing page – not “PPC Company,” not “SEM Company,” specifically “AdWords Company.” As you can see in the photo above, it is. 

A landing page that matches with the message of its corresponding ad fulfills the promise made by the advertiser to the searcher. A landing page that doesn’t, risks losing traffic and receiving a lower quality score from Google.

Displays case study results: In the middle of the page, you’ll see they’ve presented results of work done with prominent businesses. This works to boost their brand authority.

This picture shows how case study examples can increase landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

Badges: Like Blue Ocean PPC, Hawk SEM realizes the power of badges to influence user trust. In the footer of the page, they’ve displayed their Google Partnerships and Bing Ads Accreditation.

CTA button color: The button here contrasts the black and white page well. It’s very clear where the user needs to click to redeem their free consultation. On top of that, the gold color creates a sense of high value that makes the prospect feel as though they’re getting something very valuable for free.

What they did wrong:

Generic testimonials: If you make it all the way to the bottom, you’ll notice Hawk SEM has presented quotes from satisfied customers on its landing page to boost trust and authority. However, they’re quite generic:

This picture shows how generic testimonials can hurt landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

Compare this testimonial to the one above on Disruptive Advertising’s landing page. These very vague words from the faceless “Erin, Entrepreneur” don’t quite invoke the feeling of trust and authority that those from Gary Lundmark, the Director of Digital Marketing at Guitar Center do, do they?

Great testimonials have the power to win your prospect over, but generic, less credible ones like this will only make them question your business.

Footer & navigation: At first glance, this page seems to be a standalone page. Above the fold you’ll see no links to other pages on the site — no way to navigate away from the page — which decreases the odds your prospect leaves without clicking a CTA button. However, when you move farther down the page, this menu bar appears across the top, and follows you the rest of the way as you scroll:

This picture shows how a landing page navigation bar can decrease conversions for PPC agencies.

Now your prospect can click that little “Menu” button in the corner to escape from the landing page that you’re paying for them to land on.

Not only that, but they’ve included a footer at the bottom of the page too. And like most footers, that one has a sitemap with 14 links to other pages on the agency’s site. That’s 14 opportunities for prospects to stray from the singular goal you want them to accomplish — in this case, claim a free consultation.

We’ve said it a thousand times, but we’ll say it again: your landing page should NOT be connected to any other page on your site.

White Shark Media

This picture shows how White Shark Media PPC agency can increase landing page conversions if they fix some mistakes.

What they did right:

Skimmable copy: You don’t see any large text blocks here. All of the copy is broken up by bullet points, and key terms are in bold to make this page easily digestible and skimmable. The prospect gets an idea of what they’ll gain by scheduling a free AdWords assessment without having to spend a lot of time reading.

Badges: Like a few of the other previous landing pages, this one uses badges to improve prospect trust. The “Inc 500” badge, as well as the “Google Premier SMB Member” badge, indicate that White Shark Media is part of two select groups that few businesses have the privilege of being considered members.

Testimonials: You’ve heard countless times about how testimonials have the potential to build user trust, but this page takes it to the next level. Not only does White Shark Media include quotes from satisfied customers with pictures and titles, but they even have video testimonials of people speaking on their behalf. Well done!

This picture shows how real testimonials can increase landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

No navigation: This page has no navigation, nor a footer. There’s no way for a prospect to leave without either clicking the call-to-action or exiting the browser.

What they did wrong:

Pointless figures: Towards the bottom of the landing page, you’ll see the White Shark Media team included some statistics to hopefully persuade the prospect to choose their agency. However, they’re probably not the statistics the prospect is interested in seeing.

This picture shows how bad statistics can decrease landing page conversions for PPC agencies.

You’ve answered 231,760 emails and sent 28,970 reports. But so what? The person who’s landing on this page wants to know what you’ve done for clients. How much have you made for clients? On average, how does the clickthrough rate of your PPC ads compare to other agencies? They’d be better off focusing more on client-oriented statistics instead of pointing out how much ad spend they’ve used in the past 12 months.

Boring call-to-action: “Schedule now” is an unremarkable call-to-action. While the button stands out, the copy doesn’t compel the reader to act. Even something like “Schedule my FREE assessment” would be better than just “Schedule Now.”

Trust your agency and landing page experts

If you’re not an expert in landing page creation, don’t sweat it. As it turns out, few people are. Don’t outsource your landing page needs — insource them by saving your agency time and money with Instapage today.

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