What Should I A/B Test on My Landing Pages?

What Should I A/B Test on My Landing Pages?

Last updated on July 5, 2016 by Tyson Quick in A/B Split Testing
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Whether you run a paper company, an ice cream truck or a huge conglomerate you need to stay on top of things in order to be successful. The same is true when you’re setting up your landing page marketing campaigns.

Landing pages come attached with many terms these days whether it’s Landing Page Optimization, Click-through Rates or A/B Tests – and where sometimes understanding these terms can be a bit confusing it is necessary that marketers pay close attention to them because without these terms your landing pages lose the oomph they need for conversions.

We already covered A/B Tests basics in the last post, what we’re going to be doing today is see what exactly you can actually “test” while you’re running A/B Tests.

No Slim Pickens for You

You can basically A/B Test variants of all your landing page elements which of course gives you a bigger chance to increase your conversions. So, how exactly do you come up with variations of your landing page elements?

It’s easy, I've listed a few options for you below:

1. A/B Test Your Headline

While cooking up variations for your landing page headlines you can think of creating

  • Shorter vs Longer headlines
  • Large Font vs Small Font headlines
  • Left-Aligned vs Right-Aligned headlines
  • Humorous vs Serious headlines

Check out this case study of an A/B Test on a shorter headline versus a longer headline which saw a 24.31% increase in conversions.


+24.31% increase in conversions


2. A/B Test Your Copy

With your landing page copy you can try doing the following

  • Copy in bullets vs Copy in paragraphs
  • Long copy vs Short Copy

Check out this Case Study of an A/B Test on long copy versus short copy.


3. A/B Test your CTA Button

The CTA button is one landing page element that is tested most often as most marketers link this element more with their final conversions than any other element on their page.

  • You can try putting different texts in your CTA button; going for something other than just the “Download Now” or “Submit” button.
  • You can change the shape, size and color of your CTA button; these small formatting changes actually make a huge difference on your conversions.

Check out this Case Study of an A/B Test on a CTA button


You can also switch around with the placement of your CTA button and try testing out multiple CTA buttons vs just a primary CTA button.

4. A/B Test Your Contact Form

Lead capture forms create a lot of friction, which is why they need to be just perfect if you want to get the most conversions. When doing A/B tests you can try the following variations with your forms

  • Longer contact form vs a shorter contact form
  • A long form vs a form with multiple fields

Check out this Visual Website Optimizer case study of an A/B Test on a shorter contact form that increased conversions by 35%.


Apart from these landing page elements you can also change the overall color pallet of your page, try out different fonts etc.

A/B tests help you get to your conversion goals faster and you can do all of your A/B tests without a pinch of confusion and frustration on Instapage!

Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips
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