Ultimate Guide to Writing Persuasive Landing Page Copy

Ultimate Guide to Writing Persuasive Landing Page Copy

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We love bypassing difficult situations; we zigzag our way through rush hour traffic, make mac n cheese in the microwave and get cheat codes for games we can’t seem to ace. One basically wants to do things fast and do them right, and while this may be possible with video games and 5 minute recipes, marketers have it tough- especially when it comes to landing pages.

There isn’t really a one size fit all formula that you can apply to your landing pages to get conversions, every product is unique, every campaign different — which is why you have to sit and brainstorm for every landing page that you create.

Or do you?

What if I were to tell you that there actually exists a landing page cheat sheet of sorts that can help you create persuasive landing pages, pages that your visitors won’t leave without converting into your customers?

A collection of landing page codes that’ll help you get your visitors to click the call-to-action every time. What I’m talking about is the ultimate cheat sheet for writing persuasive landing page copy.

Because let’s face it, copy accounts for a significant portion of your landing page. Your headline and subheadline require it, the CTA button, form title, and of course any body copy.

If you craft persuasive copy, you’re well on your way to building a persuasive landing page. However, it’s not all about copy — there’s more to designing a high-convering landing page, as you’ll see in this guide:

persuasive landing page guide

For today’s article, though, I’ve divided this landing page copy cheat sheet into sections so you’re better able to learn and then repeat.

Make use of action and value-oriented words


Writing powerful action words in your landing page copy helps your visitors visualize exactly what you want them to do and what they’re going to get once they’ve clicked on your call to action button.

Entice your visitors to do something. Grab that opportunity. Capture those leads.

Visualization is a useful persuasion tool; use it to your benefit.

After you’ve prompted your visitors into doing some action, you need to immediately put in front of them the value for doing such an action. Your visitors need to know the answer to What’s In It For Me. Downloading your eBook is going to help them understand website analytics? Tell them that.

Downloading your app is going to help with their finances, explain them that through your copy.

See how Spendee does this effortlessly.


Write only in second person


Your visitor doesn’t care about how much money you’ve spent on your product or service, they really couldn’t care less about the sleepless nights you spent tossing and turning in bed fixing the bugs in your product’s various versions.

All they care about is what your product is going to give them.

How is it helpful for them? How will it make their lives easier?

The Stylise landing page does it all wrong.

styli.se | web & mobile design

They start off with “we”, what they do, how awesome their company is, it is not until the end that they realized to tag in the customer as well and added the “you”. For me though, this was too little too late.

Rate Us takes the right approach. They make use of “you” plenty of times, also in the benefits section. Their customer clicks on the CTA button all satisfied and happy.

Rate Us - Customer Satisfaction Software

When writing your landing page copy pretend that your visitor is standing right in front of you and you need to convince them to click on your CTA button, just talk to them while you type away at your keyboard and what you’ll have in front of you is something simple yet effective.

Be Classy

Want me to crack the big secret to selling? Pretend like you’re not selling. Be subtle and classy while writing your landing page copy, don’t proclaim buy this and buy that and you’ll be richer than everyone in the seven kingdoms, instead convince your visitors that clicking the Call to Action Button is the best thing that they can do for themselves.

Make them think it’s their idea and not yours.
Reduce the fluff and trust me you’ll do great.

Take care of readability


Formatting is extremely important for your landing page. Just as using the right words on your landing page is important, using the correct formatting is also key.

Don’t just start writing paragraphs and paragraphs- pace yourself. The amount of landing page copy that you put on your page should be directly proportional to the complexity of your product or service.

The more complex the product; the more explaining/convincing you need to do.

Try to put your copy into points or bullets- formatting that’s easier for your customer to scan. Use lots of white space around your copy, that usually does the right trick.

Compare these two landing pages, which one do you find more easy, breezy and simpler to read?



Or this?


Test your landing page copy until you’re sure it’s perfect


Testing is vital for your entire landing page, so obviously it’s important for your landing page copy. You need to A/B the entire copy that goes on your landing page, this includes the headline, the form and the CTA.

Keep the following points in mind when testing your landing page.

Just remember when in doubt about your landing page copy, always go for clarity.

The aforementioned points seem simple to do? Why yes, in fact they are really simple to accomplish and yet most of the landing page copy one comes across is riddled with first person, bad formatting, sleazy sales language and the same old difficult to digest jargon.

Copy this cheat sheet onto your desktop and look at it every time before creating your landing page, this way you won’t err as much.

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