Ultimate Guide to Creating Call to Actions

Ultimate Guide to Creating Call-to-Action Buttons

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Crafting a good CTA is just like making the perfect souffle, you work and you work and then you wait and you wait for the souffle to rise and for visitors to come and click on your CTA button.

Making a souffle requires you to be patient and meticulous and so does creating a CTA. There are numerous things to think about simultaneously, what size should the CTA be? What color would be the most effective, should it go above or below the fold?

While making the perfect cloudy puffy soufflé may look impossible, every prudent baker knows that there’s a method to creating it, the same is true for every marketer that’s been around the landing page block a couple of times.

For those who are still a bit confused, yes, it is possible for you to create the perfect or as I like to call it, a conversion hungry CTA button that never fails to grab your visitor’s attention. All you need to perform this feat is to know the right facts about creating your CTA button.

This is exactly what this CTA creation guide is all about; it will discuss at length the 4 essentials that you need to consider when creating your CTA button; placement, color, size and copy. But, the guide won’t just leave you there but will showcase an array of landing pages with CTAs that are sure to put a big smile on your face.

The CTA essentials

The CTA essentials are the aspects of a CTA button that you absolutely need to nail because these are the things that make your perfect CTA what it is, an epitome of conversion hungriness.

This is why this guide will dedicate an independent chapter to each one of these CTA essentials, so as to better inform you about all there is to know about them, because only when you have all these essentials perfectly in line with each other do you create the best CTA.

Chapter 1: Size

No matter what anybody says everyone, yes, even you Sally’s dad, knows that size matters, especially if the element in question is your CTA button. Actually, it won’t be wrong to say that the size of your CTA button is directly proportional to the number of conversions you’re going to get.

So, if your CTA is microscopic and your visitors aren’t even able to see it, how do you suppose they’re going to click on it? And there go your conversions. On the other hand, if you design your CTA keeping in mind the appropriate size proportions, not only will your visitors see it, but, they will be attracted to it; hence bringing for you big conversions.

Marketing Experiments performed an A/B test on the size of the CTA button, and found that the bigger button increased signups by 201%:

this image shows an A/B test performed on CTA button size, with the bigger button increasing conversions

Analyze the rest of your landing page elements and just be sure that your CTA is prominent enough if you want to get in on those conversions.

Chapter 2: Color

Color has a huge impact on customer psychology; I established this in my color psychology guide last week. It is because every color evokes a different emotional response in your customers, that you should choose the color of your CTA after you have done all your research.

Who is your target demographic?
Are you targeting menopausal women or teenage boys? Every customer profile has different color choices. While pink will work on women, it won’t really do so well with men.

And while subjectivity does play a part in the impact of color, there are some universal colors that usher in the same kind of response from all your customers. For example yellow for almost everyone denotes happiness and good times while red gives off the whiffs of passion. Do plenty of research on your audience preferences and then choose the color of your CTA.

Here is some case study proof. Monetate tested CTA button color on their page and found that the blue button outperformed the orange button by 9%:

this image shows a CTA button color A/B test

Chapter 3: Copy / Message

The message that you put on your CTA has an immense impact on how your conversions are going to turn out. Because, only if your visitor understands what you’ve written on your CTA button aka what they’re going to get when they click on it, will they be able to confidently do so.

Don’t use any jargon on your button because that’s not going to help with anything. Keep the language clean and simple. Use action words, like get and buy- instead of just saying the generic download or order.

Personalizing your CTA button copy can do wonders for your landing page conversions. Another helpful pointer, your CTA copy should be about your customers use “your” as often as you can.

Chapter 4: Placement

Here comes the humdinger as far as CTA buttons are concerned, marketers spend hours on end deciding where to put their CTA button; above or below the fold. I can actually hear the chants of “above the fold, above the fold!” and true, that’s the most natural response of most marketers, I myself have advocated that the CTA button should go above the fold many a times in my posts.

And here’s why; in most cases placing the CTA above the fold works wonders for your campaigns. This placement immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA which is good for conversions.

But, not always!

Sometimes, the answer to your conversion question lies in placing your CTA button below the fold.

Some might consider putting their CTA button below the fold synonymous with hiding it away, as it doesn’t appear to your visitors as soon as they open up your landing page i.e. they have to scroll down for it.

And though this might sound like a bad idea at first, it in fact really isn’t!

When you’re designing a landing page for a relatively complex product such as a software solution, you want to give your visitors all the necessary details before you present your CTA button. Because, if they don’t understand your product they probably wouldn’t buy it.

So, it’s really not about the fold and being above or below it; it’s about how much persuasive copy you have put above your prominent CTA button.

Always be testing

Remember the age-old adage testing makes perfect, well this holds true for your landing page CTA button as well. You need to A/B test your CTA button to make it perfect for your visitors.

Things that you can test on your CTA button include the four essentials that I’ve already been mentioned before.

Your CTA button is your calling card in the marketing world, design it with all the love and care you can muster.