These 4 A/B Tests Increased Instapage Signups By 34%

These 4 A/B Tests Increased Instapage Signups By 34%

Last updated on July 1, 2016 by Fahad Muhammad in A/B Split Testing
Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips

If you want to measure the success or failure of your landing page, what do you do?

You A/B test it.

A/B testing is the glue that holds all your CRO practices together because it gives you data-driven answers to your conversion problems.

And we love data, in fact, Instapage built its Saas Empire on two things; hard data and your feedback. It is why we decided to do an Instapage A/B test case study today.

Yes, we’re letting you take another peek behind the curtain.

Picking a landing page for the A/B test case study

At any given time, Instapage has around 30 live landing page campaigns, we create landing pages for webinars, feature announcements, PPC, support demos, Adwords, basically everything. Because we don’t just preach every promotion needs a page, we practice it as well.

We decided to feature our current Adwords landing page for this case study.

Here's how it appears on Google.

instapage-google ad

The goal of the landing page

Before you begin testing your page, scratch that before you even begin creating your page you need to define the goal you want it to fulfill. Are you looking for more email addresses or more sign-ups, want more attendees for your webinar or more downloads for your ebook?

The purpose of this page was to get more signups for Instapage. We created every element on the landing page to nudge the visitor to sign up for the service.

A/B testing the page layout

This was the control page.

variation A A/B test

The headline is to the point and it emphasizes our UVP - “Create Great Landing Pages on Your Own,” you don't need help from your IT guys anymore. The copy explains the service, there’s a stat in the first line of copy “48, 000 businesses use Instapage” that enforces the principle of social proof.

The call to action buttons are big and red and have personalized copy. There’s a video that explains the service (and it’s not on autoplay). The landing page has customer badges from Intuit and AVIS among other notable services.

So, the page basically has all the ingredients it needs to succeed, right? Well, yes, but it still wasn’t raking in as many conversions as we would like.

We decided to test the layout of the page, move stuff around and make the design more interactive, more in keeping with the latest trends.

This was the variation we created, we'll call it variation A.

chosen instapage landing page A/B test

Above the fold, we just have the headline emphasizing the simplicity and ease of the software- “Create a landing page in just 3 minutes” and a contrasting CTA button. Then come the feature descriptions alongside interactive imagery, showing the visitor how easy it is to use Instapage.

There are customer testimonials on the variation; embedded tweets that prove the authenticity of the testimonials. Customer badges, integrations followed by more feature descriptions and then at the end of the page another CTA button.

The variation also has a two-step opt-in process.

two step opt in process

Variation A increased conversions by 34.1%.

We were happy with these results, duh, but we couldn’t just leave the page be- so we kept on testing, as every savvy marketer should.

A/B testing the headline

We decided to test the headline next, this was the variation we created.

variation headline

We injected a superlative in the headline and made it a little longer. Did we get a lift in conversions from this A/B test? No, variation A still brought in more conversions- so did we stop there? certainly not, we kept on testing.

A/B testing the button color

This was the variation we created.

button color two

We didn’t see a significant increase in conversions with an orange CTA button, so, we decided to test the color again.

This was the variation we created next.

button color one

This variation also didn’t see a considerable increase in conversions. The winning variation was still the first variation we had created, the variation that had given a 34.1% increase in conversions.

So, what did we learn today?

You need to keep testing your landing pages. Even if a new variation doesn't increase your conversions, don't take that to mean you've failed, it just means you had the winning page all along.

Have you tested your landing pages recently? Let us know in the comments.

Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips
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