The Definitive Guide to Landing Pages

The Definitive Guide to Landing Pages

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(This is the first of five posts to teach you what a landing page is, how to make and publish one, and how to optimize it for the most conversions).

Instapage is on a mission to lower the cost of customer acquisition. This is why we believe that every promotion needs a page, as landing pages are the single most effective way for you to promote your offers and get leads.

We envision a future where every marketer creates not one but multiple landing pages, and this is why throughout this week we’re going to answer any questions you have about landing pages, how and why they work, and how you can make yours more effective.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page created to fulfill a single purpose. This purpose can range from getting registrants for your webinar to getting signups for your SaaS website.

Here’s how you create a webinar landing page.

Need more specifics? No problem. This is how you create a Saas landing page that gets users to sign up for your free trial.

Now before you sit down to create your landing page, it is important you define the goal you want your page to fulfill. It is also vital that you do thorough customer research, so you can create a page that identifies your customer's problem and then presents them with a solution to it.

You can send traffic to your landing pages through PPC ads, Facebook ads, email links, and banner ads.

For your landing pages to get conversions, you need to optimize every page element. Optimization is the process of achieving the maximum number of conversions while incurring minimum cost. Below, we cover the five essential elements your landing page needs to be successful - complete with links to detailed posts about how you can get exactly that.

The 5 Essential Landing Page Elements

1. Every landing page you create needs a headline that engages your audience.

Here’s how you create the perfect headline.

The copy that goes on your page should be persuasive, descriptive and to the point. Your copy should talk more about the benefits your service/product will provide your users rather than just focusing on the features.

2. The call to action button on your page needs to be clear and contrasting.

3. Your button copy matters a lot.

4. Your page should have an image or a video that not only serves as eye candy but also invokes an emotional response in your customers.

5. The lead capture form must be relevant and non-invasive.

Other than these 5 elements, your pages should have testimonials, trust indicators, and absolutely no friction points.

Alright, you've got the basics - ready to try building your first page? Sign up for a free account here and start experimenting!

Show Me The 35 Best Landing Page Tips