Social Media Campaigns and Your Landing Page

Social Media Campaigns and Your Landing Page

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Twitter, Facebook or the relatively new Google+ have since long transformed their status from fads to necessities. Now, if you don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, it’s like you don’t even exist. And this doesn’t only apply to individuals but to businesses, both big and small. This is why social media campaigns have become such an important part of marketing whether you run a start-up company or a 50 year old business.

Aristotle’s Views on Social Media Campaigns:

Aristotle really had an eye on the future because he declared centuries ago that “Man is a social animal” and guess what? Thanks to all the social networking sites he now exists in a very social world. A world in which a marketer who doesn’t embrace the social scene and set up social media campaigns is left way behind in the success race.

The Essence of Social Media Campaigns:

A very essential part of your social media campaigns is making your landing page social network-friendly. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, as part of your social media campaigns your landing page needs to convince your visitors to hit the LIKE or TWEET button.

In other words, your landing page should impress your visitors so much that they take it upon themselves to do your marketing for you by SHARING or TWEETING your landing page to their contacts.

Want to get a piece of this social cake? Then…

Make Your Landing Page Social Media-Friendly:

Your landing page needs to be social media-friendly; this simply means that visitors should find it easy to share your page via the social chain.

So, your landing page should proudly display the Facebook LIKE button, the Twitter TWEET button and the widget from Google+. Another great thing about these social network widgets is that they put a numeric value on the popularity of your landing page, so visitors coming across your landing page know exactly how many times your page has been tweeted, liked and recommended on Google. This helps you keep track of things and also encourages people to *hopefully* hit the social media widgets and your CTA button.

Your landing page needs to be zestfully social only then will your social media campaigns really pay off!

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