Case Study: Snickers Crushes it With Their Landing Page Marketing

Case Study: Snickers Crushes it With Their Landing Page Marketing

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In a world where eating healthy is like a merit badge you wear so EVERYONE can see, Snickers has managed to stand out not only in their industry, but also in advertising at large. And the way they stay on the cutting edge of the creative world is something you can employ in your business right now.

This 30-second commercial for the 2015 Super Bowl combines nostalgia, celebrity, and a perfectly targeted message to make their audience laugh. And with that laugh, Snickers hopes their brand strategy is leaving an imprint fans will remember next time they are hungry and in a hurry.

The reason Snickers is so effective is because they have an incredible understanding of who is purchasing. Think about it. A candy bar is an impulse buy. You typically won’t buy one unless you’re having a craving, you’re in a rush, and there are no other options.

So which candy bar do you buy? Snickers targets people who want more than something sweet – they want a fix in between meals to hold them over.

You can emulate the Snickers strategy with your product in the form of a minimum viable product (MVP).

Think about it. The best email offers are easily consumed. It’s sweet and quick, satisfies the need your customer came with, and leaves them content with their fix. This is the Snickers effect.

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“You’re not you when you’re hungry” – and here’s how to fix that. Snickers is in the business of solving problems, specifically the problem of hunger.

By going straight for the instinctive and intuitive brain reflex that 90% of buying decisions are made with, they’ve created a solution for their customer.

You can do this, too. Here’s how you can harness the Snickers effect and craft compelling, easily consumable offers.

1. Keep it sweet

People want candy, not vegetables. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar (or proudly wearing their health food nut badge which means they aren’t the target for your MVP). You are there to answer a craving. You need to speak to their sweet tooth.

You need to help your user fix a problem, but you need to pinpoint exactly what that problem is. What’s their desire?

By identifying a specific desire your user has and matching it with product fit, you can begin to figure out the perfect email offer.

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2. Keep it short

When a user discovers your solution, it better be on a perfectly crafted landing page. You only have a few seconds for your user to decide whether or not your solution looks like an option.

When you visit a new site, the decision making process is more or less the same. Am I willing to spend attention on this? Possibly, but probably not much unless there is something I find immediately valuable there.

When you’re first starting a relationship, the time invested is much smaller than with a more established one. Get your user’s attention, and do anything you can to avoid creating decision fatigue for your user by keeping the offer specific.

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3. Make it satisfying

How good does it feel when you find a quick solution to a problem that was causing you stress? Pretty fantastic, right?

Your offer should fix an immediate, tangible problem, and it should do it well enough that the user trusts you to help them fix another problem later. Your user is the one who will have to implement your solution, so make it ridiculously easy.

Give users the chance to take action right now with your offer. This is crucial. They came for an answer, and it’s your job to craft your offer in such a way that they get it.

It’s the difference between being forgotten and being incredibly helpful. Which would you rather be?

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Snickers has managed to stay relevant, trendy, and fun because they always resonate. You can use the same high impact strategy by getting to know your audience and their problems more intimately.

Remember, Snickers satisfies. Your offer should too.

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