Agencies Maximize Conversions with the Instapage Preferred Partner Program

Agencies Maximize Conversions with the Instapage Preferred Partner Program

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Consider the following scenario and see if your digital agency can relate…

You set up highly-targeted ad campaigns aimed at your ideal audiences in Google and Facebook — and those ads get a pretty good click-through rate — but your conversion rates across the board fall flat.

Is the same happening with your clients’ ad campaigns, too? It turns out; you’re not alone.

Agencies that don’t incorporate Post-Click Optimization™ (PCO) into their advertising funnels are giving audiences a mismatched ad and post-click experience. This leads to low conversion rates, despite a high ad click-through rate.

How can you fix this? With the Instapage Preferred Partner Program.

What is the Preferred Partner Program?

The Preferred Partner Program launched in 2018 and helps partner agencies own their post-click experience and deliver better results to clients. Agencies do this by using Instapage’s built-in products for scalable creation, optimization, and personalization of post-click landing pages. By becoming a partner agency, you can differentiate and grow your agency by delivering real results to clients, resulting in more leads, conversions, and growth.

The program allows you to create beautifully designed, on-brand, and keyword matched post-click pages to drastically improve your clients’ conversion rates and ultimately, increase your retention rates. Take Lemonade Stand, for instance, who has personalized multiple post-click landing pages to increase Quality Score and decrease client’s cost by 16%:

preferred partner program Instapage Lemonade Stand results

When you become a partner agency you get to:

  1. Use Instapage’s customizable, intuitive post-click landing page builder: Drive higher budgets and deeper engagements with clients by increasing conversions and ROI.
  2. Leverage a complete conversion platform: Enhance your agency portfolio by offering post-click optimization as a value-added service.
  3. Create a page for every campaign: Deliver results that your clients will appreciate by increasing leads and conversions and not just ad clicks.

Now that you know the benefits of becoming an agency partner, the remaining question is:

Why are optimized post-click experiences necessary for your agency’s ad campaign success?

Why is Post-Click Optimization™ important?

Post-click optimization is the process of optimizing every step that happens after the ad click. It is the second stage in the advertising funnel, which then routes all your leads to a marketing automation software:

preferred partner program PCO

An optimized post-click experience ensures that your ad clicks are sent to personalized post-click landing pages instead of generic post-click landing pages. Or worse, your website homepage, which results in a disjointed ad-to-post-click landing page experience.

Post-click optimization helps ensure that each prospect who clicks an ad converts on the post-click landing page, making the ad click you’ve already paid for worth your while.

The goal of PCO is to maximize conversions by creating a personalized, consistent, and optimized experience throughout your user’s journey. The user journey starts with the ad click, continuing to a personalized post-click landing page, thank you page, thank you email, a drip campaign, until ideally, the user converts into a paying customer.

Attend the 1:1 ad-to-page personalization webinar to learn more about maximizing conversions with advertising personalization.

preferred partner program Instapage personalization webinar

Instapage’s Preferred Partner Program allows you to create optimized post-click experiences at scale. Instapage is the only PCO platform helping over 4,000 agencies and 15,000 brands enjoy an average conversion rate of 22%, which is 6% higher than the industry average:

preferred partner program conversion rate

Why partner with Instapage?

Whether you prefer offering PCO services directly to your clients, or through Instapage, the Preferred Partner Program enables you to:

preferred partner program agency benefits

Go here to see how Elite SEM used the Preferred Partner Program to increase their Google and Facebook Ads revenue to get the most out of their ad campaigns.

By becoming an agency partner, you can:

  1. Increase revenue: You have the option of offering PCO services to clients directly or you can refer them to Instapage and earn commissions when the client purchases an Instapage plan.
  2. Differentiate offerings: You can differentiate your agency by adding PCO as a value-added service helping you attract more clients.
  3. Improve retention rates: With Instapage Post-Click Optimization, you can keep your clients happy by launching and optimizing campaigns faster and delivering more conversions.

preferred partner program Instapage Blackbird PPC results

Become a Preferred Partner today and enjoy more conversions

Instapage is the only PCO platform that offers built-in solutions for creating seamless post-click experiences. When you join as a Preferred Partner, you take control of the post-click optimization stage in the advertising funnel and become one of the 4,000 agencies that enjoy a 22% conversion rate.

So, what’s stopping you? Become an agency partner today by signing up here.

preferred partner program join Instapage

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