Our Top 4 Landing Page Templates and How to Personalize Them

Our Top 4 Landing Page Templates and How to Personalize Them

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Ever wonder how long it takes to create an optimized landing page?

With Instapage it takes just 3 minutes.

You see Instapage was built to simplify marketing. This is why our fully customizable builder lets you customize your pages in any way you like without having to write a single line of code. It’s also why we made it easy to A/B test your landing pages. And finally, (now, here comes the three minute part) it’s why we created 166 optimized landing page templates just for you.

We understand that most marketers who use Instapage are tired of running to their IT guys for help every time they need to design a landing page. This is why we provide marketers with pre-optimized completely customizable landing page templates. With the help of a template, even the most technically challenged marketer can create a professional landing page in three minutes.

This is where our 166 optimized landing page templates come in. You get 95 templates free with your Instapage account, and you can purchase the remaining 71 from Themeforest.

Categorizing Instapage Templates

We categorize Instapage templates by industry. The main inspiration at Instapage design headquarters is always – and will always be – You!

We understand that you have different landing page needs for varying campaigns. That’s why we ask which templates you want. We currently have templates for lead gen, click-through, webinar, mobile app and thank you pages.

We design each component of the templates with meticulous love and care. Every template gets designed after going over conversion principles, optimization frameworks, industry standards and the latest trends. We make sure every landing page template we create is an asset to you.

This is the optimization checklist we go through before we publish a template, a benchmark for template success of sorts.

  1. Does the template have all the necessary elements (headline, image, copy, form, CTA)?
  2. Do the elements have ample whitespace around them?
  3. Are there social elements on the template? (these do vary with some industries)
  4. Does the template follow the natural eye path order?
  5. Does the image in the template add emotional appeal or have another clear purpose?
  6. Is the CTA button big and contrasting?
  7. Does the template work toward one page goal?

This is what this post is all about. It’s not only going to tell you what our most successful landing page templates are, but we’re also going to go over ways that you can personalize these templates to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Let’s begin.

Our Top 4 Templates

1. Lead Gen Template for Real Estate

lead gen real estate

This is a standard lead generation landing page template for the real estate niche.

Personalization Tips

2. Notifer


This is another lead gen template. Let’s personalize it keeping in mind a SaaS company.

Personalization Tips:

3. Sky Theme

sky theme

This is another lead gen template. Since we’ve already covered personalization tips for the real estate and SaaS niche, let’s personalize this template keeping in mind an agency.

Personalization Tips:

4. Thank You Template


This is a Thank You page template. A typical Thank You page consists of you saying thank you to your new customer for subscribing to your service or buying your software or whatever your landing page was about.

Personalization Tips:

Your thank you page is full of conversion opportunities, read more about this here.

We believe every promotion needs a page this is why we provide you with 166 pre-optimized canvases and more than a dozen ways to personalize them so that you can build your very own page with ease.

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