4 Offline Marketing Strategies That Can Add the Human Touch to Your Landing Pages

4 Offline Marketing Strategies That Can Add the Human Touch to Your Landing Pages

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You can find plenty of online marketing trends, best practices lists, etc. to optimize your landing page. And, you can apply all of these smart tactics, but that doesn’t mean that just because your landing pages exist online, that they must rely only on these online strategies and trends.

There are other offline marketing strategies and daily life practices that you can implement in your page design.

Here are four more or less “humanistic” concepts to keep in mind when creating your landing pages:

1. Be in the moment

Moment marketing is being positively associated with the events and sharing in individual customer moments. Oreo Cookie had one of the best examples of moment marketing in recent years when they capitalized on the Super Bowl XLVII power outage:

This picture shows how Oreo used "moment marketing" to generate brand awareness and go viral during Super Bowl XLVII.

The tweet was spot-on for a few reasons:

The stats back up the increasing recognition on the part of brands that moment marketing is favorably viewed as an exciting and efficient way to get consumers to identify positively with their product. One survey shows that 67% of brands plan to spend more on digital campaigns associated with offline events. Specifically, marketers are using TV shows (52%), sports events (48%), and financial events (40%) to help shape their campaigns and get their message across.

Landing pages and moment marketing work well together. Mainly because both can be executed quickly, and enable the kind of in-the-moment creativity most, if not all, people find entertaining and appreciate because of its seeming spontaneity.

Landing page software is all about creativity on the fly, primarily because you can forget about IT and developers having to publish your page for you. As Brian Rigney pointed out in his recent piece titled 5 Ways to Master In-the-Moment Marketing, “Marketers who want to be in the moment need tools that they can use to actually create the content they want, when they want it and make it live the same day.”

Now that’s liberating!

How to use with your landing page:

One of the fundamental features of landing page software is having a tool that enables you to create, integrate, and publish quickly without needing extra help.

Where we’re going, we don’t need code — and you won’t either.

Another element that can speed your landing page creation and ensure that you’re not missing the moment is by using an Instapage pre-built template. With 100+ templates to choose from, you can produce a stunning landing page in a fraction of the time it would you to do so from scratch (although that’s a possibility if you’re so inclined). Plus, while you’re building the page (and after it’s published), you and your team can collaborate easier with view, edit, and manage privileges.

2. Simplicity wins the day

From the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, we are constantly making decisions. Adults make about 35,000 conscious decisions each day, like:

And the daily addiction we have to the Internet only increases the number of decisions.

When you conduct a Google search, the results force you to make even more decisions. In this case, you’re presented with the organic search results on the left and paid ads on the right. In such a crowded space, with so many options and decisions to make, an ad must be exceptional beyond compare to compete.

So in a busy online search environment — and you get that precious click — how do you get visitors to stay on your landing page? By giving them less, that’s how. Or, more accurately, by keeping it simple.

How to use with your landing page:

Once the user has clicked your ad, make it simple for people to decide what to do on your page. Whatever you’re offering prospects (free trial, free demo, download an ebook), make sure you include white space because it makes your headline, copy, and CTA pop-off the page even more.

Speaking of CTAs… Include only one CTA, like Campaign Monitor does with their landing page:

This picture shows how Campaign Monitor uses one CTA to increase its landing page conversions.

The green-on-blue contrast works in Campaign Monitor’s favor, too. I mean, once you see the page, doesn’t the green button stand out as the highlight of the page?

People like making decisions, it makes them feel good. Make them feel even better by limiting their choices while getting them to take your desired action. Your conversion rate will thank you, making you feel good, too.

3. Walk the mile in another’s shoes

As humans, if we have something to hide, we generally avoid looking directly at another person. We usually do this because we think this will somehow help us avoid confrontation, or having to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

While being aloof may make us feel more comfortable in the moment and avoid the situation, this kind of evasiveness makes others uncomfortable. Just as it goes in life, so it goes with landing pages: Don’t prevaricate. Be empathetic.

How to use with your landing page:

Be comfortable with who you are and don’t hide what you have to say. Grab your visitor’s attention the millisecond they see your page.

Address your visitors directly with a well-crafted headline. A great headline will answer questions like:

Appealing to their emotions and addressing their pain points will resonate better and increase your chances for conversion. Remember, you have something they want, don’t hide from them, be obvious and tell them.

Take a cue from Highfive’s landing page with its straight to the point, benefit-oriented copy:

This picture shows how Highfive uses benefit-oriented copy in its headline to appeal to the visitor's emotions and increase landing page conversions.

4. Good old word of mouth

We’ve all had friends and family recommend a restaurant, a coffee shop, a movie, a product, (anything) to us. More times than not we end up using that recommendation. This is because we’re more likely to trust those that we know more than traditional advertising. So it’s not surprising to learn that, although we see see them everyday, only 12% of respondents in this survey find athlete and celebrity endorsements convincing to buy a product or service.

Why is that?

It’s simple: We don’t know them and don’t like said athlete or celebrity. The skeptic in us thinks, “they’re just promoting the brand because they got paid enough to do it.”

People want to be assured they’re buying something reliable, worthwhile, and trustworthy. As Seth Godin says, “In order to earn word of mouth, you need to make it safe, fun and worthwhile to overcome the social hurdles to spread the word.”

How to use with your landing page:

With online marketing so competitive and brands finding any way to get an edge on the competition, it’s imperative you get out and hustle to find great testimonials.

Reach out to customers, ask them for a review, and permission to use that positive review on your landing page. Monitoring your social media feeds can be a valuable resource for people endorsing you as well.

Feature a few customer testimonials that highlight different aspects of your product or service:

Include a variety of testimonials, they’ll be more powerful than if you have multiple quotes about the same aspect. As an added bonus, include the person’s name and title to show even more legitimacy.

Customer badges are great too, especially when they’re well-known brands, like the brands featured here on Blue Jeans’ landing page:

This picture shows how Blue Jeans Network uses customer badges as word of mouth advertising to increase landing page conversions.

There is a science to creating an optimized, high-converting landing page. There is also room for some humanity and improvisation.

It may sound a bit odd, but give your landing pages some human traits. Create pages that are in the moment and speak directly to your prospects. Your landings pages should exude empathy and convey to your prospects in a genuine manner that your product or service can benefit them. And, show the user that you’re trustworthy by highlighting positive reviews, testimonials, or feature customer logos.

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