The Best Damn Mobile Landing Page Builder is Finally Here [video]

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Something big happened last year (2013), something that will continue to have an increasing effect on how we as marketers engage our potential customers. The United States went all in on modern mobile devices. According to data from Pew Research, over 55% of adults now own a smartphone. What’s even more compelling is that 34% of all users are “mobile only”, meaning they use only their mobile devices and have no other computer or telephone. (Up 9% from 2012).

This is a trend that marketers can no longer ignore and today Instapage is here to help. All of our 50+ landing page templates will now come with a mobile version that we’ve handcrafted to satisfy a simplified browsing experience. If activated, users on mobile devices will see the mobile version of your landing pages automatically, there’s no need to publish each version separately.

Mobile landing pages will provide your visitors with an enhanced and more compelling experience in the palm of their hands. We’ve also made A/B testing within a mobile browser unique and separate from those of your main desktop based landing pages. Additionally, you can now track performance for each of these platforms within the analytics page.

Last but not least, we added support for keyboard based copy > pasting between your desktop and mobile designs. This also works between variations.

So why don’t we just do this automatically for you (aka responsive design)? This is a great question and something we’d love to provide as the Instapage team is obsessed with simplicity, however current technologies make it nearly impossible to allow both a fully customizable page editor (drag & drop) and automatic responsive design. Your pages would need to be static and therefore limit your page designs to merely a predefined layout (what some of our competitors do).

If this is something you’d like to see implemented as a secondary option then please sound off in the comments.

We chose a 600px page width for the mobile editor so that your pages will look good on everything from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy note 2. Keep the range of devices in mind when constructing your mobile pages. For example you may want to set the text to an easily readable size of 18-24pt that will look good even if “minimized” for a small handset.

Keep all content within the column and use the box shape to create page sections rather than the strip shape. We’ve disabled the strip shape for mobile editing.

This feature is available today for everyone on our Basic plan and up. For users who are still on our older “pay as you go” pricing, you’ll need to switch to a monthly plan. Doing so will help us improve support, increase the speed of the application, integrate with way more services, launch new features faster, add more templates, and a lot more.

We hope you and your page visitors like this new feature. Let us have it in the comments below.

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