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Marketing Software That Instapage Uses to Maximize Efficiency

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Running a global company with remote workers is no simple task. We’re constantly vetting the latest software trying to figure out how we can make our workflow smoother, help our team be more efficient, and basically do whatever we can to get you more features faster.

Today, we’re taking you under the hood of Instapage to show you how we do it, what our favorite tools are, and how you you might be able to use them in your business, too.

Google Ads

With a platform as large as Google, having an in-depth understanding of how to work with them is imperative. AdWords is a fundamental part of how we drive leads. And I’m going to take this moment to brag on Tyson, because I’ve never seen anyone run advanced, targeted campaigns like he does. He’s a data genius, even though he’d never tell you so.

Want to learn more about how you can run ridiculously effective PPC campaigns? We discussed working with AdWords at length in this post on PPC landing pages here.


With over a billion people on the social network, the advertising platform Facebook offers is fantastic for reaching certain demographics. Besides, since we offer the option to publish directly to Facebook, we figure showing off how we do it doesn’t hurt either.

From Messenger to Groups to Pages, there is no substitute for the community building platform Facebook provides for us. We love how easy it is to meet people where they already are and how fast we can connect with them.

P.S. Have you joined our Facebook Group yet? We’re just getting it off the ground, and we’d love to help answer your questions, analyze your landing pages, and more there.


While the Twitter ad platform is newer than Facebook or Google’s, this means there is still a lot of opportunity here to reach your audience at an affordable cost. Especially if your business targets innovators, Twitter is a great place to casually connect with them and introduce them to whatever it is you offer. We also love the advanced Twitter search tool for data mining.

P.S. We’re going to start an Instapage tweetchat soon. Got any suggestions for topics you’d love to hear more on? Shoot an email to Eric @ instapage . com


Getting customers is one thing – keeping them around is another. We have an amazing support team, and finding a tool that supports the work they do is crucial. After taking a look around, we finally chose ZenDesk because it’s the most full-featured tool for customer support, self-service options, and engaging with users.

We’re excited about the new capabilities to build out a better support center, and we think Zendesk is going to be the best way to create a great experience for you. (And we seriously can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on for you.)


Oh Slack, how do we love thee? For a remote team, Slack is incredible for keeping up with what everyone is doing, as well as staying focused on what smaller teams are doing.

Our engineering team is based in Poland (yes, Poland, not Portland) and our support team is in Romania, so they are typically getting off work right around when our stateside west coast team comes on. It’s nice to be able to hop on, say hi (and happy birthday and all those good things), and feel like we’re all keeping up on what is going on with what the company as a whole.

Besides the beauty of seamless team communications, Slack’s search function for finding needed bits of conversation is glorious. Oh, and thank you for keeping us out of our email, Slack. We love you.


Project and task management across the globe? No problem. (I feel like a boss getting to say that). Asana makes it easy for us to assign tasks, work across time zones and borders, and get the work done in the most efficient, time-sensitive way possible – all without email.


For planning out an editorial calendar, being able to see it visually, drag and drop blog posts that sync with WordPress, and more, you just can’t beat Coschedule. I’m not a huge fan of their task manager and social media scheduling functionality (it seems like it’s trying to be too many things to too many people), but as for editorial management, it’s fantastic.


Always know what’s being said about you. Google Alerts, eat your heart out. You’ve got nothing on our peeps at Mention.


Schedule and curate your social media in advance so you’re not sitting on social sites all day. Measure your efforts on social and get your audience more of what they want. What’s not to love about Buffer?


For collecting user feedback, there are a lot of ways that we do it. However, what we are the most excited about is Typeform. If you’ve seen a Typeform, you know you’ve never had such a pleasant experience filling out a survey. It’s beautiful, intuitive, and almost makes you happy to hand over information.


No surprise here… We use our own landing page software to create pages that perform. *gasp* (What? Like we’d make software we wouldn’t want to use.) We A/B test everything on our pages, just like we expect you do.

Are there are tools we missed you absolutely love? We’re always looking to grow, and we’d love to hear what tools support you in your efforts to create better landing pages.

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