Landing Page Rehab Program!

Landing Page Rehab Program!

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Everybody makes mistakes.

Yes, it is Déjà Vu you’re feeling right now, we did cover this in the previous post. And while I did discuss at length what an ill-designed landing page is plagued with, what I left out was the part about making amends for the landing page mistakes that you have committed.

The first step is done i.e. the acceptance and acknowledgment of your mistakes, let’s now move along to the second part i.e. making things right.

Get with the Landing Page Program

Welcome to the Landing Page Rehab program; a program we have especially designed to help detoxify all ill-designed landing pages.

To rid your landing pages from the evils of bad design, you don’t need to spend your money on any online course or webinar all you need to do is read this post and follow through.

To start off with your landing page recovery process, it’s essential to first remember why you decided to build a landing page in the first place.

Why are Landing Pages so Important?

Landing pages can be defined as standalone web pages that help you target your customers for specific campaigns. Why can’t your homepage do that? Because, your homepage is a hub for all your products and all your offers. And, unlike your homepage, your landing page isn’t full of clutter; it has one focused message in mind and is designed to fulfill just that one purpose.

Landing pages can be built for anything at all- a free webinar or a space rocket launch.

Landing pages are essential because they help you target your specific audiences with a relevant message and allow you to gather important information (that you can use to follow up with them and vice versa) about your visitors while they’re transitioning to becoming your customers. These pages help you convert your visitors by capturing information when they fill out a contact form or by clicking on your Call-to-Action Button.

landing page process

In today’s world, information is gold, and your landing pages help you get that gold.

How do you get your visitors through to your Landing Page?

You can get traffic to your landing pages through various means. No matter where the traffic comes from, the important thing is that it should get there. If it doesn’t there really was no point in spending time thinking up landing page elements and testing and publishing your landing pages.

What you’ll see below are some common channels that you can use to get your visitors to your landing pages.

1. An Email or Blog Link

You can make use of a relevant email or blog post link to get your visitors through to your landing pages. And if you want to add honey to your already sweet marketing cocktail you can actually ask a blogger if they want to cross promote with you. Just make sure that the blog that you decide to use is relevant with the product or service your landing page is raving about.

2. PPC Campaigns and Banner Ads

Another commonly used channel for bringing traffic to landing pages is via PPC campaigns and banner ads. You can make use of relevant keywords on your landing page to drive in traffic through your Pay per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords. Banner ads can also be used to get traffic through to your landing page.

banner ad to landing page

Once your visitors have made through to your landing page it is up to your landing page design and elements to turn Leads that are Cold into pure Gold.

The Landing Page Elements

When all is said and done, a huge portion of your landing page success depends on how you design and use your landing page elements. That, of course means that you need to work extra hard to ensure that the elements that you finally do put on your landing page are free from all design vices.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure of this.

1. Say it All with Concise Copy.

All the content that you decide to put up on your landing page should be right on the target. Absolutely no beating around the bush, your landing page copy should be able to answer the following questions for your visitors:

Your copy shouldn’t drone out, neither should it leave your visitors wanting for more; make it just right.

2. A Relevant Graphic Goes a Long Way.

It doesn’t matter if you put one or multiple images on your landing pages or even go forward with a video, just make sure that your images and videos are consistent with your message. Consistency is the glue that keeps everything together on your landing page.

Everything on your landing page needs to gel well with each other, like two peas in a pod.

3. Don’t Play Where’s Waldo with Your CTA.

The CTA button is arguably the most important part of the landing page as this is the last thing that your visitors have to do, which is why your Call-to-Action button should be obvious, direct and clear.

call to action button

Don’t make your visitors go looking for your CTA button; they should be able to spot it as soon as they land on your landing page. Don’t make them think what they have to do next, show them that with your CTA!

4. A Clear Headline is what your Landing Page Needs.

Your headline is the first thing that your visitors see, so you need to really blow your visitors away with it. Try to work in your Unique Selling Point into your headline, so your visitors know from the very beginning why they need to click on your CTA button.

There are many routes that you can take with your landing page headline, you can insert in some facts, make it humorous or decide to go with an implicit or explicit headline.

5. Don’t Give Your Visitors Any Escape Routes.

Your landing page isn’t a sinking ship, which is why you shouldn’t give your visitors a channel to leave your landing page.

Your page should be completely stripped off of all navigation links (legal links in the footer are ok). Only aim to sell one offer via one landing page, don’t mix up multiple offers, believe me you won’t be doing yourself any favours!

6. Tie up your Landing Pages with a Pretty little Bow

It is important that you package up your landing page attractively. The font and color you choose for your landing page should be consistent and should look aesthetically pleasing.

Different colors have a different impact on your visitors; a red CTA portrays a sense of urgency, while a black one gives off a sleek and smart look. Make use of colors that go hand in hand with your offer and attract your visitors to your landing page and to your CTA button.

color psychology

To put it simply make everything pretty and easy to read.

The Landing Page Rehab program was designed to help you weed out the weak from your landing pages – hopefully we’ve accomplished this today.

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