Landing Page Headlines Utilize 3 Key Characteristics

Landing Page Headlines Utilize 3 Key Characteristics

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It’s now time to turn to the headline of your landing page, the string of words that introduce your product or service to your visitors. Because the headline is usually the first thing that your visitors see (apart from a big Call-to-Action), savvy marketers try their best to make an impact on their visitors through the headline.

What Great Landing Pages Aren’t Made of:

As far as great landing pages go, these are things you’ll NEVER find in their headlines:

1. Savvy Jargon
2. Clichéd Terms
3. Dubiousness

If your landing page headline is riddled with any three of the above mentioned things, you need to rethink your headline a.s.a.p. All three of these headline mistakes are like fungus which can eat right through your conversions and get in the way of your overall landing page success.

3 Key Characteristics of Great Headlines:

1. Crystal Clear

A good landing page headline is crystal clear in delivering its message to the visitors. For example:

great landing page headline

Can you guess what product this headline is about? It’s clearly about a feedback and help desk software service? Now make a guess about this one:

bad landing page headline

Any ideas? Do you see the difference?

I know the headline is viewed with the whole landing page, therefore you may be thinking it’s unfair of me to judge them separately. However, consumers nowadays don’t really have that much time on their hands. They’re only likely to spend 2-5 seconds on your landing page. As a result your landing page headline should make things instantly clear for them. Don’t make them think what your product is, it should TELL them what your product or service is about. This is how all great landing pages do it.


Great landing page headlines are always spot on the target. Remember, it’s the precision of the headline that makes it effective.

Your headline should be so clear and to the point that the visitor is left with no doubts in his mind about the product or service that you are selling:

good landing page headline

These headlines can even stand on their own, they’re precise and also work well in drawing the visitor in. This is how the big boys play the field, you know all those great landing pages that you strive to be grouped with.

3. Smart

The thing about headlines is that they’re slippery little suckers that can easily get out of your hands if you aren’t careful. Your headline needs to be clear and to the point but it also needs to be smart:

awesome landing page headline

Tell your visitors why they need your product in your headline:

1. Entice them with a question
2. Give them Statistics
3. Encourage them to take action

Infusing these 3 characteristics in your landing page headline gets you closer to achieving your conversion goals.

If your headline already has the following attributes then CONGRATULATIONS you’re already on your way.

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