Landing Page Generator Best Qualities

Landing Page Generator Best Qualities

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We all spend some portion of our lives trying to find stuff; let’s kick it old-school style and refer to our search as a quest.

So, we don our armors, pick up our swords and climb upon our noble steeds and set forth on our quests; for some their quest is about finding the best Chinese place in town, some are looking for the best dry cleaners while you can find us marketers searching here and there for the best landing page generator.

A landing page generator so great, that worrying about our landing page’s future or by extension our entire campaign’s future becomes a thing of the past. A landing page platform that makes everything about landing pages easy and simple for us, a software that…

Hang on a minute; am I not talking about the best landing page generator?

Well, I think the best landing page generator deserves to have its own headline.

Qualities of the Best Landing Page Generator

Let’s just look at things broadly, because if I start listing all the properties of the best landing page generator you’ll be here a very long time.

First things first; a landing page generator is only called the best if it helps its users save both their time and their money; not to mention keep them from biting their nails off, which is the most natural thing one does if you set out to build, publish and optimize your landing pages on your own.

For all those dare devils amongst you who are thinking to themselves “How hard could building a landing page be, it’s just a single page!”

Well, allow me to burst your bubble.

Unless you are a wizard with HTML codes, setting up a landing page is both hard on your time and wallet. You first have to hire like 5 different guys to set everything up for you, which of course costs you a good amount of cash, plus you have to wait around for these 5 different people to finish their respective jobs, so you also have to spend a lot of your time waiting around for people to hand in their work.

So, basically when you set out to build your landing page without the help of a landing page generator you have to put your faith in different people, something that’s never easy to do.

With the help of a landing page generator you can bypass through all of this BS and go straight towards building and publishing your landing page without any hassles.

I’m getting the feeling that I’ve gone a little bit off track, so, I’m just going to go back to listing the properties of the best landing page generator.

Or to make things easier and not to mention shorter, I’ll just list all the properties of Instapage in front of you, as Instapage really is synonymous for the best landing page generator.

Instapage aka The Best Landing Page Generator

Instapage isn’t the best landing page generator just because I said it was; it’s the best because it gives marketers everything that they are looking for as far as their landing page needs go.

1. Instapage Offers an Entire Selection of Pre-Made Templates

Templates are an integral part of building your landing pages; Instapage offers marketers a whole range of pre-made templates that can be edited to their particular needs in just a few simple clicks.

Instapage offers marketers pre-made templates of different types of landing pages such as sales and lead gen landing pages.

2. Instapage Offers a Simplistic Landing Page Builder

You can operate Instapage’s landing page builder with ease and precision even if you don’t know a single thing about HTML codes. Just access your Instapage dashboard, click on “build a landing page” choose your preferred template and then just start adding things in by clicking your mouse a couple of times.

3. Instapage Helps You Cut Your Overall Costs

It is because the Instapage platform makes building landing pages so easy for you that you can do without hiring any extra personnel, which of course means that you get to save up on your cash.

4. Instapage Offers Automated Optimization Tool

With Instapage’s automated optimization tool you never have to spend your precious time doing A/B tests, because if you simply add variants of your landing page elements, Instapage tells you itself which variant is performing better.

Moreover, adding variants of your landing page is extremely easy, you can do it whilst you are building your landing page. Just click on the tab that has a plus sign on it and add a variant of your desired landing page element.

Want to test out two landing page headlines? Just add a variant of your landing page headline and Instapage is going to tell you which headline is getting you better conversions!

With Instapage in the picture your quest to finding the best landing page generator is finally over!

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