Landing Page Experts’ Secrets Revealed!

Landing Page Experts’ Secrets Revealed!

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Expert advice is great! We all go looking for it when we’re setting forward to do something important.

Whether it’s picking out a new hair color, deciding if you’re really good enough to beat your boss at a tennis match or figuring out why your landing page has gone to no man’s land.

And though, expert advice is great I’ll tell you what it’s not; it’s not free or cheap!

At least before today it was; today is an exception.

In the paragraphs below you’ll find not only FREE but GREAT excerpts of advice that landing page experts have delivered themselves to help you turn your street cat of a landing page into prize winnin’, ribbon pinnin’ show cat that purrs away until your visitors tickle their belly and click on your CTA button.

The Landing Page Basics

If you’ve just stepped onto the plate of the marketing world, let me explain to you what a landing page basically does (I would also urge you to flip back to a few of my posts to get a more comprehensive view on landing pages) is promote a product or service of yours by directing all your potential visitors onto a page whose sole purpose is to rave about your offer and explain to your visitors why and how they can get your offer.

And to do all of the things mentioned above a landing page makes use of the following elements:

1. Headline
2. Copy
3. Graphic
4. Lead Capture Form
5. Call-to-Action Button

What All Landing Page Experts Tell You

If your landing page is not getting conversions it’s because one of these or worst case scenario a couple of your landing page elements aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do.

Although, setting up a landing page is more of an art than a science as there’s no exact formula that works on all landing pages, however, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your landing page fulfills its purpose and one of them is to listen to landing page experts.

Keep Your HEADLINE Interesting

All landing page experts will agree on the fact that your landing page headline needs to interesting and short. It should be such that your visitors just can’t pass up on it, include statistics in it, sprinkle in some humor; anything that will make your visitors stop and take notice.

Keep Your COPY Concise

Landing page experts are well aware of the fact that visitors never have the time to read everything that they come across online, which is why they scan. So, if you’re going to put a lot of copy on your landing pages you basically just turn off your visitors.

Most landing page experts agree that integrating a video on your landing pages also keeps your visitors interested.

Say No to Navigation Links

Never let navigation links close to your landing pages because they are only barriers in your landing page success. Navigation links distract your visitors from your primary goal and that’s something you don’t want to do.


According to most landing page experts your call-to-action button is the most important element on your landing page. After all the primary goal is to get your visitors to become your customers which can only be done if they click the CTA button.

Usher in The Landing Page Experts

Let’s give you something extra and include some specific tips by landing page experts below:

What Tim Ash Says your Landing Page Needs

Tim Ash one of the top landing page experts in the field, the author of the bestseller “Landing Page Optimization” and the CEO of SiteTuners a firm that works with large and small businesses and shows them how they can get better conversions gives 5 concise tips to make your landing page perform better.

I have already mentioned the crux of his tips in the paragraphs above, however, if you want to read it like he tells it please visit

Case Study by Conversion Rate Experts

Want to see a practical example of how you can shoot up your landing page’s conversion rates, just go through the case study of how Conversion Rate Experts made $1 million for with the help of some emails and a landing page.

You’re a little bummed out aren’t you? Because you’re thinking that you can only get good conversions on your Landing Page if you hire landing page experts; which of course not everyone can afford.

Don’t lose hope just yet though, because, there is a way through which you can make expert level professional pages with minimal cost; via the Instapage platform.

Instapage Provides You with Expert Landing Pages in a Jiffy

Instapage has cooked up for all its users professional pre-made landing page templates that have everything in them that any expensively designed landing page would have.

Plus, the templates have been designed keeping in mind all different categories of landing page campaigns such as lead capture, PPC, mobile etc. so you basically get everything that you need from a single source.

Just providing you with professional landing page templates would have gotten you quite a lot of conversions, but, Instapage also gives its users access to a Landing Page builder where they can personalize their landing pages even without the knowledge of html codes.

And you get everything for your landing pages at unbelievably reasonable rates.

Having any problem regarding landing pages? Instapage is the the most powerful solution always.

The next time you think about getting a professional landing page that even landing page experts would rave about don’t go pouring into your budget, just, relax and sign up with Instapage and make professional landing pages within minutes and with literally just a couple of bucks!

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