Landing Page Advice: Friends Edition

Landing Page Advice: Friends Edition

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As Chandler Bing would put it, “Can there be any sitcom greater than F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?”

No, there cannot! And I’m sure many of you reading this post agree with me wholeheartedly. The six main characters have taught us how to love, laugh and cry.

And in my unique “marketing” vision the cast has also taught me a lot about Landing Page Marketing.

In my mind each character from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast performs an important marketing task and teaches us something valuable.

I know it’s difficult for you to imagine what Joey’s “how you doin’?” could do to benefit your campaign, but you’ll soon find out that even Joey has some light bulb moments when it comes to Landing Page Marketing.

Rachel Green, The Social Contact

Social media is a BIG part of Landing Page Marketing, Rachel is responsible for keeping everything on the Social media front up to date. She makes sure that your landing page’s social leads stay red hot always.

You might’ve thought that Rach was only good for gossiping but that is not the case. Her busy body nature makes her a valuable asset because she handles all the communication between your clients and your campaign manager.

It’s Ms. Green who makes sure that your landing pages campaigns match the messages on your social media channels and shares all the new happenings about your landing page with them.

Joey Tribbiani, The Marketer Extraordinaire

What more can Joey do but say his famous “How you Doin?” to make visitors start fanning over your Landing Pages.

However, Joey doesn’t just get around your marketing chain by flirting, being the marketer he’s responsible for making sure that all the messages originating from your Landing Page Marketing campaign are in perfect alignment with each other.

So, he basically works closely with Rachel and the campaign manager making sure that his favorite meatball sub contains only delicious meatballs and rich red sauce and nothing else.

Monica Geller, The Campaign Manager

No surprises here right? Of course the campaign manager position would go to nobody else but the most organized in the bunch.

Monica doesn’t only obsess about crumbs on her carpet but also takes care of designing the entire marketing campaign.

It’s Monica who decides what goes into the marketing campaign and she’s the one handling all the other five, making sure that everything is organized and proper when it comes in front of the visitors’ eyes.

Phoebe Buffay, The Creative Lead

Songs like “Smelly Cat” and “My Stick Shoes” show that out of all six it’s Phoebe who’s blessed with the creative gene.

Not only does she make her own shoes and jewelry, she’s also responsible for designing what goes on your banner ads and on your Landing Pages.

She works closely with the Optimizer, Campaign Manager and comes up with ideas that work, bringing a lot of conversions.

Chandler Bing, The Optimizing Expert

He’s the guy who stays late at the office worried about the WENIS, he won’t leave until the numbers are where he wants them to be.

To some this might sound boring as hell, but he’s the one that makes all your marketing results calculable.

Chandler’s the one who gets A/B tests done, performs multivariate tests and what not; just to make sure that you get more numbers for what you’re putting in.

He’s the analyzer and he’s good at what he does, even though his friends sometimes forget what he does for a living!

Ross Geller, The SEO Guy

Working the SEO front is not easy, this is why obsessive Ross fits so well in this role. He gets frantic over keywords, trying to get every last one of them properly incorporated in the campaign.

He works closely with Phoebe and gives her the right keywords to include in the copy so as to achieve optimum optimization and make Chandler happy as hell.

When Ross takes his obsession with Rachel and puts it to use in SEO work he’s able to produce magic.

You’re seeing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast in a completely new light now aren’t you?

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