Introduction to A/B Testing Landing Pages

Introduction to A/B Testing Landing Pages

Last updated on July 5, 2016 by Tyson Quick in A/B Split Testing
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Spontaneity is great if you’re going on vacation or proposing, however while working on your Landing Page Marketing efforts, spontaneity is a killer; a conversion killer.

You just can’t throw random elements together on your landing page and then expect them to do great, testing is a big part of landing page success. The best pages are those that have been tested to achieve perfection.

A/B Testing or Split Testing is one of the most frequently used landing page testing techniques. While performing the split test you create different variations of your landing page, for instance you create two Call-to-Action buttons instead of one. You then test to see which one works better at getting you conversions and choose the winner to put on your optimized landing page.

The awesome part is that you can A/B Test all the elements on your landing page; most frequently your headline, image, copy, lead capture form, customer testimonials, and even the page length. With InstaPage’s easy to use Landing Page builder by your side, A/B Testing is as easy as pressing a button. You can see it in action by watching the video here.

Now that you know just how simple it is for you to do A/B Testing, it's now time to further learn the rules of the A/B Test game.

Does A/B Testing Always Work?

A/B Testing works every time if you define the purpose of your A/B Test beforehand. Set a goal you wish to accomplish with the A/B Test and then go about doing the test. Again there’s no need for you to start on a whim, do things methodically.

What do you wish to test; are you testing your CTA button with various colors and textures or something else?


Before you get down to testing make sure you know exactly what you’re setting out to achieve.

Is it a paid membership offer you’re testing out against a free one?

How Many Variations Are Ideal for an A/B Test?

Logically speaking you can add various variations of your landing page elements while doing an A/B Test, maybe you’ve come up with 4 ideas that you think are brilliant and would like to test them all out at once.

My advice in this case would be to take the A/B Test as a “real” A/B Test and only run 2 variations at a time. You can then just run the winner of the first A/B Test with the rest of your desired experiments.

This way you’ll get concrete results.

A/B Testing is truly make or break for your Landing Page campaigns. If you have additional questions on A/B testing, just give a shout out to us and we’ll be sure to get back to you with detailed responses.

If you want to see some A/B Tests like the one below in action just visit Visual Website Optimizer.

We're excited about A/B Testing! You can hope to see many posts like this coming your way soon.

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Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips
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