New Instapage Pricing: Enjoy Unlimited Benefits!

New Instapage Pricing: Enjoy Unlimited Benefits!

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This post was originally published in October, 2015. The content of this post doesn’t reflect the current Instapage pricing plans.

Are you an Instapage user?

Even if you’re not a user yet, we have some exciting news to share! We are making some changes to the way our accounts are structured to ensure you have the best landing page experience possible.

As of today, we’re revamping all of our pricing plans in an effort to make Instapage more valuable and effective. These changes will also bring more visibility to our best, and most important, features.

What does the pricing update mean for me?

We’re upgrading all “limited” features to unlimited levels. This means all of our paid subscription accounts will now include:

We believe these changes provide you with a more valuable tool to use in your daily marketing efforts. Now you can enjoy even more freedom to create, publish, and A/B test to generate more leads!

If you haven’t signed up for an Instapage account yet, you will receive 14 days with no credit card required! We believe this is sufficient time for you to build as many pages as you like, generate traffic, and A/B test your results.

If you’re a current Instapage user, you may have noticed your dashboard looks slightly different this morning as well. We made some minor adjustments that will enhance your experience with us.

What happens to my account now?

If you have a paid Instapage account, your account will remain unchanged until you upgrade to our new version, which we think you’ll definitely want to do. Don’t worry if you like your current plan, you’re grandfathered in for as long as you would like.

To make your landing page experience more beneficial, we’re lifting all traffic and page limitations. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility you’ve come to love from Instapage while generating as much traffic as you can to your pages… for 14 days!

Your landing pages will be retained and kept live for the duration of the extended free trial. After the 14-day trial, your pages will be unpublished unless you choose to upgrade to one of our full-feature paid subscriber accounts.

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What’s the new pricing for my account?

Here are the pricing specifics for each account type:

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Why is Instapage making this pricing change?

Our mission has always been to continually lower the cost of your customer acquisition while making your landing page experience as simple and easy as possible. This requires us to make necessary investments in our product, something our new pricing structure will allow us to do even better.

We are very confident our product will continue to deliver the freedom and flexibility you love. While other landing page companies continue to collect payment up front, Instapage will continue to offer users the opportunity to evaluate our product 100% free for nearly two months!

Excited yet? We are too!

If you’re not an Instapage user, this is the perfect opportunity for you to come onboard and enjoy the 14-day free trial of our Basic account.

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