How to Write Conversion-Worthy Copy

How to Write Conversion-Worthy Copy

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If your eyes have just bulged out in surprise and you’ve spilled a bit of your coffee on yourself, you’re not alone – this is exactly how I reacted when I heard these “copy is dead” claims as well.

What does that mean I immediately thought, am I and countless other copywriters / marketers out of a job?

Not even close!

You see what some of these shortsighted people have failed to realize is that it’s not copy that’s dead, but a particular devious breed of copy, copy that used car salesmen utilize to get rid of their piece of junk cars, copy that Ponzi schemes use to lure in gullible retirees – Yes, I’m talking about Spam!

Off with Spam’s Head

If you ask me spammy copy had this coming, in fact if it were up to me I would have given the execution order years before. Unlike modern evolved copy, spam only cared about the guy in the CEO’s chair.

the queen of spam

Companies which produced such copy did so only for themselves, I realize the goal of copywriting is to sell your stuff – but, you see there’s a way of selling too.

Spam doesn’t care about what the customer wants or feels, it just shoves the product down the customer’s throat in the nicest way possible.

Copywriting isn’t finished, it’s just evolved into a better sophisticated version of itself.

Content is still King!

And anyone who says otherwise should be referred to me.

Birth of the New Copy

Imagine a phoenix rising from the ashes – drooled out copy had occupied our mailbox for far too long, it was time for it to spontaneously combust and give way to a new kind of copy.

So, what is this new version of copy that I’m talking about?

I’m talking about content marketing folks, all kinds, shapes and sizes of content written to please your readers (not yourself, your readers). Copy that talks about what users want, not what’s best for the company.

Bottom line – copy that’s tailored especially for your readers so they simply can’t keep their hands off it. Why would your users care that you’ve launched a new product that’s simply amazing, what they care about is how this supposedly amazing product is going to make their lives better.

It’s not about “you” any more, it’s about “them” and it must stay this way if you ever wish to make a sale in the future.

If you think about it, this really isn’t even something brand new, heck this kind of content marketing has been ruling the internet for quite some time now (which is why this content is dead hullabaloo came as a surprise to me) this is the copy you now see on websites, in webinars and of course on landing pages.

You might still see some spam on websites and even on landing pages, and when you do run as far away from that service as you can. If they can’t sit down to write something worth your while well then they definitely don’t deserve your hard earned dough.

How to be Smart about Your Copy

smart copywriting

If you’ve just broken into hives thinking about how to write this new breed of copy that I’m talking about, please don’t because I’m going to give you some nice little pointers.

A few tricks that’ll seem simple enough, but when used in your marketing campaigns (let’s say as your landing page copy) will make all the difference in the world for you.

Conversion worthy Landing Page Copy

Whenever you sit down to write your landing page copy, the first thing you should do is put yourself in your customers’ shoes, think WIFM (What’s in it for Me)?

What value are you offering your customers?

Why should they click on your CTA and not your competitor’s?

Write copy that demands action, copy that has AIDA.

1. Attention

Your attention-grabbing copy should be written in such a way that your visitors latch on to it. Remember your visitors fear loss more than they appreciate gain. So, if you want their attention tell them they’ll be losing something if they don’t click on your CTA button.

Which CTA would attract you more?

generate more leads

2. Interest

Peak your visitors interest by offering them information about your product or service, info that’s beneficial for them.

How is the product going to make their lives better? Remember it’s all about them, so refrain from using the pronouns “our” and “we”, just stick to “you”.

3. Desire

It’s basic human psyche to want something that’s free, we love complimentary stuff. More than half of us bring home the small complimentary bottles of shampoo that we get at a hotel, we may never use them but we still want them because they’re free.

However, simply giving something free to your visitors doesn’t do the trick, you need to attach some value to this free item.

Instead of writing “free shipping” try saying “We’ll take care of Shipping” on your landing page.

4. Action

The final thing that you want your visitors to do is take action, get to that CTA and click it. If the copy on your CTA button simply gives your customers to do another chore like “Buy” or “Sign Up” chances are they won’t be that interested to take that action.

However, if your CTA button says something like “Get” your customers are more likely to click on it because they’ll know that clicking on the CTA is the last action that they have to do before getting the goods.

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Copy’s not dead, you just need to know how to go about writing it.

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