How to Revive Your Landing Pages

How to Revive Your Landing Pages

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Fairy tales fill up our childhood with wonder and whimsy; they give us great tunes to sing in the shower and good plots for us to play out with our friends. More than that they teach us lessons that help us for a long time to come, even when we’ve grown out of our fairy tale phase.

The thing that I like about fairy tales is that not only do they offer life lessons about good trumping evil but they give good doses of marketing advice as well, all we have to do is concentrate and read between the lines.

This is exactly what’s going to happen today, we’re going to learn something about Landing Pages from classic fairy tales and we’re going to reminisce about crunchy candy and jousting while doing so.

Let the Whimsical Landing Page Lesson Begin

What’s common between Sleeping Beauty and Snow White? Apart from both of them being Disney princesses with lips as red as a rose, they also received something that the other princesses didn’t i.e. a kiss from their prince that wakes them up from a long dreadful sleep.

All that’s required to bring their lifeless bodies to life is true love’s first kiss.

Where’s the marketing lesson in that?

It might not be a poison apple that does it in for your landing pages, but your landing pages can become just as lifeless as those porcelain maidens. You’ll know when your landing pages have gone into a comatose state when you aren’t getting as many conversions as you thought you could get on your landing pages.

When all that your landing pages are doing is just coasting around in the tangles of the World Wide Web without getting stuck somewhere important.

This is what we call a landing page swing and a miss, and it has the same devastating effect as the cursed needle of a spinning wheel and a poison apple.

Give Your Landing Pages the KISS of Conversions

Want conversions for your landing pages?

You don’t have to go galloping on a steed to find your landing page’s true love. All you need to do is apply the K.I.S.S. principle.

The Keep it Simple, Stupid marketing principle purports that when prospects or potential visitors are given too many choices they go into a comatose state, a state of total non-action, so, if marketers want their prospects to click on the CTA button instead of making things complicated on their landing pages all they need to do is simple things down.

How to Keep Things Simple on your Landing Page

Confusing your visitors is the last thing you want to do, you want them focused on your CTA button and not go running off to another page.

Focus and concentration are the catch word here and mentioned below are things you need to take care of when building simple, focused landing pages.

1. Scrap All Distractions From your Landing Pages

Distractions Joke

Anything that’s not geared towards your conversion goal should be considered as a distraction and needs to be immediately deleted from your landing page. This includes graphics that don’t tie in well with your message and derail your visitors from going to your landing page sweet spot aka the call to action button.

Links that take your visitors away from your landing pages are also considered distractions because they make your visitors leave your landing page and stray away from the landing page pot of gold.

2. Draw Focus to your Call to Action Button

There are mainly two things that you need to do to make your CTA button really stand out:

So what you need is both excellent copy and outstanding design. The copy of your CTA button would do better if it says more than just the generic “Download”. Testing is key here, you need to test the hell out of your CTA button; try different positions, different colors, different sizes and shapes and go for the one that pulls in the most conversions.

3. Your Landing Page Should Have One Goal

I’ve already mentioned this point in so many of my previous posts but I’ll say it again, you know why that is? Because, having a singular goal is crucial if you wish to get any conversions at all for your landing pages.

Focus on one offer, focus on one goal and hone in unlimited conversions.

Your landing page doesn’t have to be a Jack of all trades it should be the Master of just one of your offers.

Before you turn to the drawing board to chalk out your landing page, first establish the goal you wish to achieve with it. After you’ve done that you’ll get to know exactly what type of landing page you need to publish because landing pages just like Disney Princesses have different types. What do you think the goal of Kissmetrics landing page is below:


Without knowing what you wish to achieve through your landing page, you can’t possibly know what type of landing page you want to build.

Types of Landing Pages

Broadly classified there are four different types of landing pages, and each type has a specific goal or purpose to fulfill. What you need to do now is analyze what type of landing page you need for the offer that you have.

1. Click-through Landing Pages

This is one of the simplest types of landing pages; their entire purpose is to inform visitors quickly about your offer and get them to click through to your product or service via your CTA button.

On a click-through landing page one usually finds the reasons why your visitors should buy your product and a graphic that explains the context of use of your product or service.

2. Lead Capture Landing Pages

Lead capture landing pages are more detailed than click-through landing pages because their objective is to gather personal data from the visitors (hence the word lead capture!). This is why these pages are more elaborately designed.

There is absolutely no room for any exits on lead capture landing pages; so, there shouldn’t be any external links on this page.

The lead capture forms on lead capture pages are also carefully designed because they are “The” element that actually bring the leads to you; so develop proper fields for your forms and include a link of your privacy policy to make your visitors trust your service and to prevent google from declining your ads.

3. Viral Landing Pages

The name says it all for viral landing pages; these landing pages are designed so that they can go viral which is why there should be a lot of social media integration on them; think of things people rave about because one of them should be your landing page.

Another thing that is essential for your viral landing pages is brevity of content. The content, as well as all the other elements of your viral landing page, need to be carefully designed so that they can get an exponential number of “likes” and “tweets”.

For viral think minimal and visually appealing!

4. Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile landing pages are pages that are especially optimized keeping in mind the small screens of androids and iPads – basically all the latest technology that you find your visitors glued to these days.

mobile landing page examples

With mobile landing pages you need to keep your visitors’ interest alive and this is done by stripping down your page to the bare essentials. There’s very little to no copy on a mobile landing page just a snazzy headline, a colorful graphic and a clear and attractive CTA button.

Figure out the objective of your landing page and pick the type that corresponds to it and then just keep the distractions out and make the CTA button as attractive as you can and that’s really all you need to give your landing pages the K.I.S.S. that’s going to revive them back into conversion mode and make you a merry marketer.

Hope you found this post as magical and informative as you did the Disney movies.

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