How to Make Even More Effective Landing Pages

How to Make Even More Effective Landing Pages

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(This is the third of five posts to teach you what a landing page is, how to make and publish one, and how to optimize it for the most conversions).

You know what it takes to create a landing page. You’re also aware that a landing page must have the right combination of elements in order to make a great impression on your visitors.

But do you know how to transform an ordinary page into a conversion powerhouse?

Well, that’s what we’re going to cover today, and we’ll get you another hearty dose of helpful links that will take you through these concepts in-depth.

A/B testing is the Way

A/B testing is the most used method for increasing conversion rates. In fact, President Obama raised an additional $60 million for his campaign using A/B testing on his landing page.

A/B testing allows you to create different versions of your landing pages to see which one converts more visitors.

This is how an A/B test plays out.

Suppose this post is a landing page, and I decide I want to test a different headline for the page because I suspect this one isn’t converting as well as it could. So, I set my testing goal as “more conversions,” and then I start creating headline variations.

The current headline, “How to make your landing pages more effective” is the control variation and I create a new headline, “Here’s why your landing pages suck” for variation A.

Next, I’ll randomly distribute the number of visitors that come on both the variations, and after I’ve waited for a certain amount of time I’ll go and see which variation performed better and will choose that headline. It sounds complicated – and it can be without the right software – and that’s why Instapage makes it super simple to track how your tests are performing, so you can select the best performing page faster.

Here’s a link that takes you to a 5 part A/B Testing Master Class where you can learn everything you need to know about A/B testing and get access to real A/B testing studies you can use as inspiration.

If you’re finding it hard to decide whether you should go for Multivariate Testing or A/B testing, you should definitely read this.

We perform A/B tests here at Instapage regularly, and they always provide us with useful data.

Think you’re ready for your first A/B test?

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