How to Improve Landing Page Testimonials

How to Improve Landing Page Testimonials

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Customer testimonials are good for landing page conversions, every marketer knows this. It’s because of this prerogative that you’ll have a hard time finding a landing page without customer testimonials.

Most marketers believe that it doesn’t matter how cryptic they are, the testimonials have an integral role to play in landing page marketing.

So, it’s logical to assume that every marketer that puts up customer testimonials on his landing page should then be rewarded by high landing page conversions.


Before you think about clobbering me, hear me out.

The above statement is wrong because as I’ve mentioned before; almost all landing pages nowadays have customer testimonials on them, but not all landing pages have high conversions.



This is because not all testimonials work. Just making room for customer testimonials on your landing pages doesn’t do the trick, they need to be good in order to bring in conversions.

And if your testimonial clad landing page hasn’t increased your conversions by much you should be venturing into the realm of; is something wrong with my customer testimonials?

As far as things that could be wrong with your testimonials go, mentioned below are the two options.

Wrong #1: Your Testimonials are from Anonymous Clients

The whole point of including customer testimonials on your landing page is to increase the level of trust your visitors feel for your landing page. Read more: 4 Ways to Increase Landing Page Trust.

To show them through the use of “real” people that your product works.

So, if you put up testimonials from anonymous visitors belonging to God knows which company you negate the entire purpose of the testimonial.

Give a name and a face to your testimonials. Ask your clients to submit a photo of themselves, because visitors only trust testimonials that they know are coming from the right source.

It also helps a great deal if the testimonial is from someone who is regarded as a big shot in your particular domain. These types of testimonials will be recognizable instantly by your target audience, helping them trust and relate with them more quickly.

Wrong #2: Your Testimonials are Full of Clichéd Terms

Nothing rots a testimonial faster than a clichéd term. Using terms such as “amazing service” or “great product” simply tells your visitors that they need not give your testimonials a second thought because they just aren’t genuine.

fake landing page testimonials

In order for them to work, testimonials should be heartfelt and original.

Customer stories work wonders for your testimonials. For the testimonials to look real, make sure that they are!

Don’t put your words in your customer’s mouth; let them use their experience with your product to help you get increased conversions.

Also don’t include a completely stuffed up testimonial on your landing page i.e. a testimonial that’s just all over the place with too many objectives.

An ideal testimonial is simple, unique and real.

Make sure that your customer testimonials are up to par because when done right they have the power to increase your conversions by an average of 68%.

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