How to Get Google to Like Your Landing Pages

by Scott Stevenson in Conversion Optimization

If you’re familiar with digital marketing you know the impact of Google. It reaches all corners of the internet, including your landing page. With so much influence on how users access information on the internet, it is very important to be on their good side.

Table of Contents:

  1. Your Landing Page
  2. Spreading the Word
  3. Where to Share Your Landing Page
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Utilize SEO

SEO and Google

There is a fine art to getting google to let you be at the top of the search results on their website (without paying). This art is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which includes multiple aspects that are essential to optimizing your landing page’s search results.

Your Landing Page

There are so many factors to consider when improving searchable content on your landing page. Google looks through your site at your headlines, URL, title tag, domain name, and especially keywords.

Keywords are the most crucial part of improving your landing page when striving to optimize your search engine results. Use keywords in your headlines, your domain name, your URL, and your title tag and it will improve your ranking. It is suggested that you should use each keyword at least two to three times in the first 100 words of your message.

Keep in mind that your customers may think differently when searching for a product related to yours. It can be beneficial to use keywords that are typical of searchers like “best” or “fastest.”

Spreading the Word

While advertising your product it is important to remember that Google likes to base rank on “the talk” of your landing page or product. For Google to do this, they look at how many people are exchanging (linking) information about your page.

Backlinks to your landing page are the way Google sees the relevancy of your site. These links have to be considered viable by Google, and therefore must be linked from credible sites.

The links also have to look like they are being spread naturally, as if the “word of mouth” of your landing page is gaining popularity, making it so you can’t have thousands of backlinks to your site when you only have ten unique visitors a month.

Where to Share Your Landing Page

There are many ways besides actual “word of mouth” to get backlinks to your landing page. The two most common types of sites are article hubs and bookmarking sites.

Article hubs are websites filled with a massive archive of articles. There are hundreds of these sites, but the most credible ones require you to be a credible writer. This means your article must be approved before it can be posted to their hub, and backlinked to your site. Some websites don’t require approval, but the more legitimate the site, the more legitimate your ranking will be.

Bookmarking sites are essentially a place where people share information. Sites like Twitter and Digg fall into this category. These sites can be a great way to spread your product brand. By posting links on these sites, people can re-post and send your link to their friends. Google doesn’t like these sites as much as article sites though because they are not regulated as strictly. So anyone can post any link at any time.

Internal Linking

Along with backlinking, you can create internal links to ensure that Google’s spider will crawl through all the pages within your site. This is more important when you have a website with multiple pages and may not apply if you have a landing page with only one page.

If you do have multiple pages on your landing page, make sure all pages are linked together and include a call-to-action on each page.

The benefit of internal linking compared to backlinking is that all the links are on your landing page and are, therefore, under your complete control. Proper use of internal linking is just one more weapon to add to your SEO arsenal.

Utilize SEO

SEO is essential for marketing online, gaining word of mouth, and, most importantly, increasing your search engine ranking. Take advantage of SEO and you will immediately rank higher than websites that do not utilize it (which is, surprisingly, still a lot).

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