How to Create a Call to Action Button That Converts

How to Create a Call to Action Button That Converts

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We all have different measures for gauging how things will turn out, some judge the whole future of a potential relationship with the first kiss, some judge how a young man will turn out by looking at his father. We marketing folks often judge the difference between a successful landing page and an unsuccessful one by looking at the CTA button.

Because this single (can be multiple) button can either tip the conversion scale in your favor or can force it the other way around.

To make sure that the scale tilts in your favor, you need to create a CTA button that has no problem converting your visitors into your customers. To do so you’ll need to focus your attention on both the elements that make a conversion worthy CTA button i.e. the copy and the design.

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Just Doesn’t Fit Everybody

Think of your CTA buttons as customer tailored suits that get stitched specifically for your landing page. There’s no one successful CTA button that works wonders on all landing pages, you need to design your button especially for your page.

This is why using generic CTA button design and copy is not the way to go. You need to make your CTA button count, if your landing page is offering your visitors a free ebook instead of your CTA button saying “Download” it should say something like “Download your Free eBook Now” or any other phrase that you fancy.

Make Your CTA Button Design Stand Out From the Crowd

While deciding on your CTA button design you need to consider the following aspects:

As far as the size goes; the bigger and more obvious your CTA button is the better, again however there are no specific measurements that you can follow for conversions and you should always be A/B testing.

Your CTA button color falls in the same category, no single color works perfectly on all landing pages, take into account your landing page colors and then decide on a contrasting color for your CTA button.


White space on the other hand is something that works well no matter what service or product you’re promoting and what color your landing page background is. With white space surrounding your CTA button not only do you make it more obvious and emphasized, but you get to de-clutter your overall landing page, which is always the way to go to get increased conversions.

Getting good conversion rates isn’t really a mad science, it’s real simple if you get the mechanics right and use your head sensibly.

Next up on the landing page optimization week is learning how to capture leads with your lead capture forms.

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