How To Get More Registrants for Your Webinar Landing Page

How We Increased Our Webinar Landing Page Registrants by 129%

Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips

As the graph below shows, webinars have become increasingly popular in the past decade.

Webinar topics are endless and they continue to serve as great avenues for companies to generate sales leads, explain how to use their product, or simply demonstrate thought leadership on a given topic.

Kissmetrics knows this, too, as they've recently completed their 100th webinar, having covered a variety of topics from email marketing to analytics to using their very own product.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of webinars are unable to fulfill their lead goal because most of them fail at the landing page stage of the webinar process.

We're not going to let that happen to you, though. We’re going to share the exact process we developed (and keep refining) for our own webinar landing page, which led to a 129% increase in conversions (and counting).

Instapage's Approach to Webinar Landing Pages

We also know how important webinars are to acquiring new customers and retaining them by keeping them happy and satisfied using our landing page tool. This is why we host weekly webinars to help people understand how to master the Instapage landing page tool - showing customers and prospects simple strategies that lower the cost of their customer acquisition.

After establishing a topic, one of the first things we did to introduce our webinars into the marketing community (before preparing slides and coordinating an expert to speak) was create a landing page.

Why? We don't just preach every promotion needs a page. We practice it as well.

The Goal of the Webinar Landing Page

Before you begin creating your page you need to define the goal you want the page to fulfill. Are you looking for more sign-ups, registrants for your webinar, downloads for your ebook, something else?

The purpose of the page below was designed to get registrants for the Instapage weekly webinar, showing attendees how to master Instapage in only 30 minutes. We created every element on the landing page with this goal in mind.

Here is the first version of our webinar landing page:

Instapage webinar landing page version A

The elements, explained:

  • The headline states the unique value proposition: Mastering the Instapage builder in just 30 minutes.
  • The copy is simple and explains to the visitor they don’t need to be a designer or a developer to create their landing page.
  • The gif of the builder provides the visitor a sneak peek of the product and how easy it is to use.
  • A CTA button with the copy “Join a session.”

The page has all the ingredients it needs to succeed but it was not converting as much as we would like. We decided to test the layout of the page, modify the copy, and analyze the results.

With that in mind, here is variation B:

Instapage webinar landing page version B

What did we change?

  • The copy was now a bulleted list and more specific - explaining what the visitor can expect to learn in each session.
  • An FAQ section was introduced at the bottom of the page.
  • The CTA button looked more like a button, highlighted with some color contrast.
  • A hero shot of the webinar's host was added - our very own CEO, Tyson Quick.

Variation B was converting at 45.7%, which is good, but we were far from satisfied. At this point, we completely revamped the landing page to make it more consistent with our recent rebranding.

Here is variation C:

Instapage webinar landing page version C

Significantly better, right?

We didn’t have our extremely talented designer create this version. Believe it or not, this is an Instapage free template you can use for your own webinar, shown below:

Instapage webinar landing page free template

What did we change from the basic template?

  • Added a new background image
  • Modified the page layout
  • The CTA's button color and copy

The results were magnificent! We saw a considerable 129% increase from our previous results!

You may think we would stop testing after variation C. But since we believe in the power of A/B testing, we created another variation for the page.

This is the next variation:

Instapage webinar landing page updated version

We knew Variation C had the winning page layout so we only decided to tweak the sub-headline for variation D. Instead of the generic “Free online webinar,” we changed it to be more original: “Your conversion rate will thank you for attending.”

Variation is C was created using one of our free templates so you don’t need to hire a designer and there's no need to buy an expensive pre-made template. With no coding or design experience, you can create a high converting landing page in a matter of minutes using Instapage!

Do you also want to enjoy similar results for your webinar landing page? Follow our example and test, test, test!

Have any questions about webinar landing pages? Please let us know in the comments!

Show Me the Top 10 A/B Testing Tips
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