Growth Hacker’s Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Growth Hacker’s Guide to Landing Page Optimization

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Were you just reeled into this post with a clickbait marketing term? That’s okay. We’re all guilty of perpetuating it, and if we’re being really honest, most of us would just love to create that next hot marketing buzzword. Despite my better judgment, though, I love the term growth hacker because of the potential value that lies in becoming one.

On my road to becoming a properly trained growth hacker (ha), I just finished reading Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker Marketing. I’ll be honest, I was left wanting more than what was there. It’s like, “Yeah, I do all that already. What else you got?”

So what exactly is a growth hacker?

For the uninitiated, “growth hacker” is an almost cringeworthy term for someone who focuses on growth as their key performance indicator. Makes sense so far. Marketers who actually use metrics? Absolutely imperative.

Let’s go deeper. A growth hacker is equal parts engineer and marketer. They are innovative, creative, and data-driven.

They tend to be former marketers with a specialized area of expertise who want to do more than just stay at the top of their game – they want to transform industries, change the world, and do it faster than anyone thinks is possible.

A growth hacker is looking for exploits, opportunities. They are whip smart and quick on the uptake. They realize marketing and product development go hand in hand.

And why should you care about this quest towards growth hacking?

We are in a time of massive disruption. Companies can go from beta to billion dollar valuations in a year. NYT bestsellers can be engineered from the moment you begin to write the book.

This kind of explosive growth is what we all dream of – and growth hackers do it daily.

Landing Pages Are Fuel For Growth Hackers

Everything that makes growth hackers valuable can help you create landing pages that are more effective. Your pages can be innovative, analytic, creative even.

Landing pages are the single most important tool for growth hackers. They are at the center of the push and pull tactics employed by smart marketers. Pulling people to a page requires a brilliant offer that engages your readers enough to make them want to hand over their information to get what you’ve got. Pushing people to a page employs advertising techniques like PPC, guest posting, etc.

Landing page optimization is an exercise in hyperfocus – which makes it a perfect skill set for any aspiring growth hacker. What’s the least you can do to move towards your end goal? It just makes sense. Why waste time on an offer no one wants? Fail faster, and optimize faster.

The future of landing pages is here and it requires clearer thought than ever. The one goal at the end of your page is to get your visitor to activate – to take an action that somehow takes them to the next step in a relationship with your brand.

Today, we’re diving into the best the growth hacking world has to offer and directly applying it to your next landing page.

1. Nail your MVP

No, I am not talking about a minimum viable product. That’s outdated, and it doesn’t always work. Your minimum viable page is the center of your brand. It’s the most crucial part of the growth hacker philosophy. Without nailing down your simple message matching for your ideal user, you will never get your idea off the ground.

Start crafting your offer, test it, and continue on.

2. Integrate the Technical

Let’s face it. While you might be jumping onboard the data-driven gravy train, it might not come naturally and taking that first leap can be intimidating. Make this as easy as possible as you can on yourself by implementing analytics that do the work for you.

This is the beauty of integrations. Engineers are making your life easier everyday because they know you don’t want to waste time learning another new tech tool. At Instapage, we’ve got places to plug and play Google Analytics code, and very soon, we’ll be releasing an advanced analytics suite to help make your life easier with one hub with all of your information – does it get any better?

3. Look for Loopholes

Ask lots of obvious, stupid, unconventional questions. Dig through them and see what hasn’t been done. See what’s worked for other people. Notice what you could do better.

Leverage your company’s strengths. Do you rock at social? Could you make a video that desperately wants to go viral? Are you a reputable source of information on a topic?

Cheat the system. Be ethical, and show off your brilliance.

4. Define Metrics of Success

Vanity metrics mean nothing. Growth matters. Conversions matter. No conversions = no company.

Create actionable goals that get you to your core metrics faster. Tactics vary from business to business, and there are many popular case studies of companies employing growth hacker tactics from Amazon to Airbnb.

5. Pull the Trigger.

Landing pages are a growth hacker’s science lab. Think about it. You can run experiments on people, and it’s legal. So do it. Try new things. See what works. Kill what doesn’t.

And then?

Test. Optimize. Repeat. You’re officially a growth hacker.

Ready to take a shot at hacking a landing page and becoming data-driven?

We make it easy for you.

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Maybe we’ll start thinking about a new tagline. Instapage – the Secret Weapon of Growth Hackers Everywhere.