How to Gain Influence with Your Landing Pages

A Guide To Gaining Influence with Your Landing Pages (Infographic)

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Landing page optimization is as much about conversion techniques as it is about persuasion.

Getting more conversions is not and will never be just changing your headline, or shortening your lead capture form.

With millions of services and products out there, attracting audiences towards your particular product can be quite challenging. Persuading them to buy from you is a whole other story.

Influencing people online is not everyone’s forte, which is why most landing pages suffer low conversion rates. Well, today’s post is going to change all that.

How? By showcasing for you six persuasion principles so powerful that they’ll make you masters of persuasion in no time. And for a deeper look at designing a persuasive landing page, check out this guide:

persuasive landing page guide

Robert Cialdini first wrote Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion in 1984, and since then it has become a go-to guide for every marketer looking to gain influence with their landing pages.

It’s time for you and your landing pages to take a bite out of the Cialdini persuasion pie.

Instapage presents the “Guide to Gaining Influence With Your Landing Pages”, an infographic that’s not only going to describe Cialdini’s six persuasion principles, but is also going to let you in on examples of how to use each of these principles on your landing pages.


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