Complete Landing Page Package: The Instapage Premium Plan

The Complete Landing Page Package: The Instapage Premium Plan

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This post was originally published in November, 2015. The content of this post doesn’t reflect the current Instapage pricing plans.

On October 12, we announced some big changes happening here at Instapage: our new pricing structure with unlimited benefits and enhanced functionality.

Each Instapage subscription level (Basic, Pro, Premium) enjoys:

These new benefits and landing page features are game changing for the landing page industry.

First we talked about why marketers should create and manage their landing pages with the Instapage Basic plan because it requires no coding or design experience. This plan is great for marketers just starting to build landing pages for their campaigns because it offers 2 live A/B split tests and email support.

Next, we discussed increased functionality with our Pro plan, which is especially effective for small to mid-size teams because it offers unlimited A/B testing and full HTML editing allows for increased customization (embedding videos, shopping cart buttons, etc.). Plus, team members have read-only privileges to track the progress of others’ landing pages.

Today we’re going to highlight the Premium plan for Instapage subscribers, and if you work in a marketing or design agency, you’ll want to pay particular attention to full access team members …

What does the Instapage Premium plan provide me?

Even more freedom and flexibility! In addition to all Pro benefits, Premium users enjoy:

Full access team members

In addition to a more organized dashboard and better organization of team members, there is now three different permission levels (view, edit, manage) for each respective team member:

View: Perfect for sharing work in progress with clients or stakeholders within your organization. They can see the progress you’re making without the ability to make changes.

Edit: Great for contractors and team members to build landing pages for your campaigns without giving them full access to publishing pages or sending leads to unauthorized integrations.

Manage: Give trusted team members nearly all of the abilities you enjoy while protecting your account, billing, domain, and integration settings.

Having the ability to edit and manage opens up more collaboration amongst team members.

Webhooks integration

Webhooks are “user-defined HTTP callbacks usually triggered by some event.” That’s tech-speak for “sending your landing page’s forms data to a central location and then sending that data to multiple types of software you use.”

Essentially, you host a server that acts as the hub for all of your data, which then receives your data and sends it to other services.

Instapage has over 20 integrations, but Webhooks allows you to sync your page with many other services that we don’t have yet. Think of Webhooks as a “work around” for any the integration platform we don’t support at this time. This functionality is especially important if you’d like your pages to send information to services that Instapage doesn’t integrate with, like HubSpot, for example.

Setting up Webhooks integration can be done with a few clicks, as this demo shows:

This gif shows how to set up Webhooks with Instapage's Pro plan.

For complete documentation and how to set it up with your Premium account, view our help center article.

Phone, chat, and email support

With increased flexibility and customization, Premium users may have questions from time to time. That’s where our expert support team comes in handy.

We got you covered. Our support team are experts on landing pages and are ready, willing, and able to help you:

This screenshot shows how to get advanced help support with Instapage's Premium plan.

Template review

Our conversion optimization articles and customer support team can educate you on landing page best practices and A/B testing tips. Even with advanced support, sometimes that still may not be enough to build a perfectly optimized page that will convert over and over for you.

Why not have your landing page professionally reviewed by our in-house experts?

Premium Instapage users can take advantage of a template design review! Each review is a comprehensive look at over 30 design and conversion techniques with suggestions for improvement:

This screenshot shows you Instapage Premium plan users can get their landing page template reviewed.

To sum it all up

We believe every promotion deserves its own page. We believe every landing page should be continuously A/B tested. We want to lower your cost of acquisition. We want you to have high-converting landing pages.

We’re confident our software and enhanced features make it easier than ever to build professionally designed pages, A/B test and manage them while saving time and money in the process.

What else could you want?

Upgrade to Premium and see how powerful Instapage can be for you and your clients’ business — and yet it’s still the easiest landing page builder on the market!

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