Customers Tell Us Which Templates They Want Most Designed

Customers Tell Us Which Templates They Want Most Designed

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The Instapage design team works very hard.

Proof of that are these snippets of customer love:

“It always makes me happy to fire up Instapage every morning to see and discover a new feature added, just like new toys.”

“My Deepest Sympathies to all the other landing page companies out there. You guys have created a game changer.”

Plus the fact that our team bangs out brand new landing page templates after every few weeks. The current template tally is above 100, this doesn’t mean that we are slowing down- in fact we are more fired up than ever to create even more templates.

Templates that you can personalize with just a few clicks and publish to get all the customers you want. Instapage templates are professional and optimized. But, they lack something- something important- customer input.

This post is going to fix that.

What we are launching with this post is a platform for all of you Instapage users to drop in your 2 cents on which templates you want our designers to create for you.

Seen any page that inspired you lately?

Leave a comment below with a link to that page, and we’ll create a template inspired by it. Want us to create more templates in a particular category, say webinar landing pages- let us know, and we’ll get our design team on it.

Instapage values your opinion. All you need to do now is share it with us.

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