How to Create Custom Conversion Goals

How to Create Custom Conversion Goals

Last updated on by Tyson Quick in Instapage Updates

Each business has unique objectives when it comes to our marketing campaigns, however we all have a desire to increase our conversions. Many different types of actions can be considered a conversion depending on your own objectives. These typically include button clicks, form submissions, text/image clicks, and reaching a specific step in the conversion funnel.

Today we’re excited to announce custom conversion tracking to supercharge your landing page optimization efforts. So what’s new?

  1. Individual link tracking for all page links (buttons, images, text).
  2. Form submissions.
  3. External tracking for pages outside of Instapage (thank you pages, shopping cart checkout, etc).

We really hope you like this update and encourage all types of feedback. Now go set your new conversion goals and keep improving your marketing campaigns!

Tyson Quick
Instapage CEO

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