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Get Inspired: Build Creative Landing Pages Now

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Many people believe that creativity is inborn; you just can’t wake up one day and be creative. Well, I don’t agree with this statement, yes you probably cannot learn to be creative just by typing “how to be creative” in Google.

Or can you?

How did you come across this post by the way? Just wondering!

So, yes you’re looking to make creative landing pages, who isn’t? However, even though, every marketer wants to set up creative landing pages not everyone is really successful.

And I’ll tell you exactly why that is, when marketers think of making creative landing pages, they focus on just that; they abandon everything else until they think of something creative!

This “tunnel vision” is a curse rather than a blessing, because in this state of mind, marketers forget a very important aspect of creativity; inspiration.

Get Inspired

It doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration from; from a rainbow in the sky or from your almost chipped toenail, inspiration is what spurs your creativity when you’re designing landing pages.

It is only because of this inspiration that when you sit down to build your creative landing pages, you look for out of the box ideas.

Landing Pages are as Creative as their Elements

What are landing pages made of? Elements! So, what are creative landing pages made of? Creative elements.

It’s really as simple as that.

So, to come up with creative landing pages you have to think of unique landing page elements. Instead of your CTA button just saying “submit” think of something different, why not make it rhyme, or anything else that’s clear and you know will suit your visitors’ fancy.

Go for bold colors and different design styles and images. Don’t just put a bland lead capture form on your landing page, morph it into some shape or color that’s relevant to your campaign.

Just go all out.

To nudge you along the way to your creative landing pages, I have put together for you a gallery of creative landing pages that have the potential to get your creative juices flowing.

Examples of Creative Landing Pages

1. Human

2. Bondsy

3. Smashboxx

4. Kitchenator

5. Tabshora

6. PH

7. Pixel Backer


9. Tree House

10. Tap Tap Tap

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