5 Expert Tips to Set Your Black Friday Landing Page Apart

5 Expert Tips to Set Your Black Friday Landing Page Apart

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Sometime in the early 1960’s, the Philadelphia Police Department started to notice something unusual every Friday after Thanksgiving.

Record amounts of people would come into the city, causing an unprecedented increase in traffic, which led to accidents, gridlock, and city-wide chaos. It got so bad that no traffic officer was allowed to take that Friday off, and even members of the police band were stationed downtown to direct pedestrians and drivers alike.

That annual disaster rightfully earned itself the name “Black Friday;” and it became the unofficial start of the Christmas season.

Almost half a century later, Black Friday still revolves around traffic – but for today’s businesses, it’s a different kind.

By 1 pm on November 28, 2014, website traffic to retail sites had already grown by 286%, while social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, saw a 35% boost in visitors. The surges were even enough to crash Best Buy’s website.

If you’re prepared to handle the flood of online customers you could see in the days following Thanksgiving, you’re set to cash in.

Last year, 133.7 million people spent a total of $50.9 billion on Black Friday; with each shopper spending about an average of $380 (almost half of online spending).

Take advantage of the holiday craze this year and learn from others who have set up their pages for continued success.

5 Expert tips to optimize your Black Friday landing page

  1. Capitalize on year-round search

Every time you build a new landing page, it’s almost like wiping the SEO slate clean.

Sure, search engines will use indicators from your domain to determine whether it’s credible or not, but it still won’t rank like a landing page that’s been visited, linked to, engaged with, and has established authority.

That’s why, to compete with the big brands on page one of Google search results, electrical retailer Currys decided that in 2014, they were going to do something a little different with their Black Friday landing page.

From November 2014 to present day, instead of creating a new page annually, Currys chose to leave their Black Friday landing page published all 365 days of the calendar year.

Genius, huh?

Now they don’t have to throw out all the search authority their page built up the year before. Simply by changing the year in the title of the page from “2014” to “2015,” it immediately becomes up-to-date.

When it’s out of season, the landing page features a lead capture form used to capture prospects’ personal information in exchange for notifications on holiday deals.

So going forward, consider keeping the same Black Friday landing page and just updating it once a year.

Here’s a great example from Toys”R”Us, with some calls-to-action to get people excited about the holiday:

This picture shows how Toys R Us uses landing pages to increase Black Friday sales.

  1. Optimize for mobile

In 2014, almost half of all web traffic on Black Friday came from mobile devices. This year, according to Google, 52% of people plan on using their smartphone to shop before visiting a store.

With mobile shopping-related searches increasing 120% year over year, the takeaway here is obvious:

Your landing page absolutely needs to be mobile responsive.

Every Instapage landing page you create is already optimized for mobile, so all you need to do is make sure it has these three things:

  1. A short, attention-grabbing headline
  2. A sensational image (bonus points if it’s an image of a customer using your product)
  3. A bold, action-oriented call-to-action

Even more importantly, make sure it doesn’t have these things:

  1. Slow load times
  2. Too much copy

After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to shop early deals from big department stores like Macy’s, and getting shut down when you reach their mobile Black Friday landing page (or lack thereof):

This mobile screenshot shows how Macy's loses sales due to the lack of a mobile responsive Black Friday landing page.

 3. Capture leads with a “Coming Soon” page

The weeks leading up to Black Friday are perfect for capturing leads that you can reach out to once the day arrives. All you need to do is create a “coming soon” landing page with a short lead capture form.

Remember to keep it brief, and let people know why they should give you their personal information.

This example from appliance retailer hhgregg isn’t the prettiest, but it does have a lead capture form right on the page, and it lets subscribers know that they’ll be the first to find out about Black Friday deals when they arrive:

This picture shows how a lead capture form is used on Black Friday landing pages.

  1. Emphasize urgency

Black Friday only lasts for one day a year, so remind people of that!

Psychologically, when we know we only have a limited amount of time to act on something, we’re more likely to do so because we don’t want to lose the opportunity. It’s like the time you bought those tennis lessons for 70% off because you thought you “might want” to learn at some point in the future, but knew you’d never find a great deal like that again.

This is commonly known as FOMO — or, “Fear of missing out.”

Something as simple as a countdown timer to the end of the holiday sale, or some copy that reads “Blowout deals only valid through Black Friday!” have the power to gently guide your customer to checkout.

  1. Stop using superlatives and display promotions

We get it … your sale is EPIC. It’s the BEST Black Friday sale out there. But guess what?

Nobody cares. Not even a little bit.

Superlatives like “best” and “epic” are so overused in marketing that they carry absolutely no meaning anymore. We completely tune them out — like the sign hanging in the café down the street that reads “World’s best cup of coffee.”

You know what we can’t ignore?

Discounts. Low prices. Deals you can’t get anywhere else.

So stop talking about them and show them to us!

This Menards landing page doesn’t try to impress me with flashy, tired-out adjectives – it shows me how much I can save with the big “Save up to 60% off” copy on the bottom-right of the page:

This picture shows how to use price discounts on Black Friday landing pages to increase conversions.

Are your landing pages ready for Black Friday?

What changes have you been making to optimize your landing pages in preparation for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments, or start building your Black Friday landing page now for free!

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